Monday, June 30, 2008

Children's Book Idea

This post is for a friend of mine. A friend of her aunt's who is actively involved in the toddler group of her local Le Leche League was trying to find children's books positively portraying breastfeeding mamas and came up short. She contacted the user's group for some children's books illustrators and was told that the major publishers won't allow it and that they only want pictures showing babies being given bottles. She and her friends at her LLL group have started a petition at to get a grant to make such a book. If you like this idea then go to the webiste, register and vote - but do it today because voting ends at midnight! Thanks!


Mashel said...

I just got an email from Jessy about that. What a great idea I love it. I am still waiting for a confirmation email so I can vote. I hope I get it soon. What a wonderful idea!

Jessica said...

Hi, I came upon your post a little late. I was wondering how this turned out? I think that it is a same that publishers only want babies being bottle fed, what a sad message that sends to our children.