Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cool Site

I've been finding all sorts of cool sites lately and have been adding the coolest to my lists of links to the right. I think I need to start posting when I add the most cool sites and I've found one today that makes that list. Go to Stuff Christians Like, and if you're like me, laugh your fool head off. My favorite posts so far are #'s 269, 273 and 274. I was extremely tempted to send one of them to my pastors and elders but I won't say which one I'll just say that they might have been offended at the innuendo.

Another of my recent finds is Photoshop Disasters. This site highlights pictures, mostly from advertisements, that have been absolutely butchered and yet somehow still put into production. Sad. I will warn you though, some of these photos are from fashion ads and men's magazines so the models sometimes wear very little. However, the photoshop butcher job makes them so ridiculous it's hard to be offended.

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