Saturday, June 28, 2008


Even Maisy seemed to appreciate the fact that we'd gotten a pool. See those big feet of hers? Count the toes. Six on each paw. That's why they're so big. I love them. She hates to have them messed with though which makes nail trimming time very interesting. Stinker.
Towzer found an old tennis ball somewhere in the yard and proceeded to try to strip it of it's fuzzy covering. He's really good at that. Then he pops the rubber inner part and chews it to pieces leaving them for someone to find. He takes his time doing it though. Poor little tortured tennis ball. As if Towzer wasn't a goober enough when he gets something like this he really turns into a puppy.

Gotta love him.

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Marfa said...

We may be getting a dog very soon....for now we have 2 rabbits!

So, I want to hear more about your PC business (mine is going, but slow), feel free 2 send me an email: