Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gideon's Six-Week "Check"

Gideon wasn't supposed to have a six-week check except that the doctor he saw last week wanted to get him in to weigh him. What mama doesn't like to see those numbers go up? So my wonderful neighbor came over to play with Gabe and Zion while I ran Gideon in to the clinic. Remember, he was 10lb 12oz two weeks ago. Today he was 11lb 10oz! Woohoo! Finally she can stop worrying about his weight. Just in time for us to transition to the kids' normal pediatrician who doesn't care about the numbers on the scale anyway (I like him!).

Gideon smiles a ton these days! He loves having face to face time and tries to chat us up all the time. We were hoping that he would start sleeping through the night at six-weeks on the dot like Gabe did but no such luck. Still, he does pretty good and I don't feel like I can complain. Here's the closest thing that we got to a six-week picture, taken last night after his bath.

And here he is showing off how good he as holding his head up. When he does this he reminds me of a dolphin when they kind of stand up in the water and dance backwards. Rob says he thinks he looks like a ski jumper.

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