Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Saturday we had the opportunity to visit with a friend of mine from way back. She and her husband had the chance to live in Afghanistan for 4 years before recently returning to the states so we picked her brain for a while. So we learned that Shalom alekem (I have no idea if that is spelled correctly) is the traditional greeting, that Rob should never touch a woman or take their picture and that he should never call someone a dog (which they consider the lowest of low) unless he no longer values his life. My friend helped Rob get an idea of some cultural ideals and behaviors that he can expect and also let him know that the first few times he eats at a local market that he can expect to get an upset stomach. She also showed us some fantastic pictures of people and places and a map of where they were and where we think Rob will be. And, drum roll please - we think right now that he will be located in Asadabad.

While we chatted the kids played. My friend's daughter was much infatuated with Gideon. She just turned two so is a little older than Zion and they both seem to share the same motherly affection for babies. Gabe had a good time playing with the little girl's Mega Blocks and then retired to an armchair to play his Leapster.

It was really nice to talk to someone who has been there to learn about the country and people and receive the added bonus of reassurance that my friends felt a lot safer there than the news portrays.

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