Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun Things From Our Day

This should have been posted yesterday but I ended up tending to Gideon more than usual last night and didn't get it written. It's not anything huge, nothing spectacular happened. We just went to the neighborhood park after dinner (Father's Day dinner take two!) and had a good time. The sun finally came out. Lately, we've been having summer from about four PM to six PM on a daily basis. Today it was sunny right off but then it got cloudy in the afternoon - at least it did here. I was talking with Nora around 4ish and she had sun. Just goes to show what I have been saying for a long time, my neighborhood has it's own weather system. How else can you explain that almost every time I drove Gabe to preschool last year it was nice at my house but raining by the time we reached the end of the street. Ugh!

Anyway, there's not much to say but I did get some decent pics so I'll let them speak instead.
This one is actually from yesterday morning. She looks so darn cute in her hoodie and jean jacket. Again, we don't have to be anywhere close to going outside, she always has to have her coat and shoes on. Always.
Yesterday morning it was her brand new shoes that she wanted. I let her wear them up until it was time to go out and play and then made her change to brown shoes. She loves shoes but she is a tomboy after all and never-before-worn white ballet flats aren't exactly what I send my tomboy out to play in.
Now we're at the park and I just started shooting away. It's been a while since I've used my camera for "play" and it's been a lot of fun getting back into taking pictures for fun.
Learning to "fly" like Daddy.
Gabe is notoriously difficult to photograph. He's always making some such silly face. OK Gabe, this time don't bite your lip...

OK, this time look at me.

No, look at me with your EYES! And put your tongue in your mouth.

GaaAaabe! Please look at me WITH your EYES. And remember to put your tongue in your mouth. *sigh*

This was as good as it got for this photo session. Maybe we'll do better next time.

Gideon got his first ride on what ended up being Gabe's "ship" that day. It's usually his train. And he often takes us to Sushi Town one of my favorite restaurants. Sometimes then he will take us to Target for some pretend shopping. I like pretend shopping. I always have enough money for everything I want.

Zion is still often easier to photograph. As long as I do it when she's not paying attention.

Wheeee!!!! My girl has become a slide addict of late. Between the twisty slide at the park yesterday and our neighborhood park that's all she wants to do. Except in our own backyard on our own slide. For some reason she stands at the top and just wants you to lift her down. Odd.

Zion didn't want to leave the park and she is well known for her expert level tantrums. One way to get her to leave without realizing that she is leaving is to play her out of the park. This time it was ginormous front swings. Oh my aching arms! What I'll do to avoid a tantrum. :)

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