Monday, June 9, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine

Some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Our Little Miss Sunshine. :) Isn't she a cutie?! I thought I'd never get good pictures of her wearing this hat (thanks Grandma Marlene, we've been having a lot of fun with it - see below, no farther below).
Can't believe she left it on that long. I guess she still must be getting her strength back.
Oh my goodness, look at him looking at his Daddy! Gideon turned six-weeks old today by the way. He celebrated by having the best day ever! He had a good long time in the swing and another good long time on his play mat. I mean so long that I'd be doing something, something really exciting like loading the dishwasher, and all the sudden be like "*gasp* where's the baby?" and then "oh yeah, I left him in the swing. Whew. That would have been really hard to explain to Rob - um, Hun, I lost the baby." Yeah, like that would happen.
Poor Gabe. I should start a savings account for his future therapy now. He wanted to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my laptop and I told him he could only if he wore sissy's hat while doing it. He didn't bat an eye though. I meant to tell him that he could take it off after a minute or two but I forgot. Oops.Zion loves to sit in Gideon's swing. At first I wouldn't let her because she's so big but when she got sick and I gave in, days later she still asks to sit in the swing and I'm too chicken to tell her no now. Honest, I did not make her wear the hat in order to sit in the swing!
Here's a sad little picture of her when she had the flu the other day (notice she is covered with a towel, not a blanky - much better for catching puke). As sick as she was she still insisting on wearing her coat and shoes. Over her footed jammies. She reminds me of an old woman who goes to be with her hair styled and make up on - just in case. Just in case what I don't know but it makes her feel better.

I look at these guys and it makes me heartsick to think of having to explain that Daddy's not coming home that day (for more than 300 days) but they are my joy. They give me strength. They are a huge blessing. What would I do without them? There will be days that I carry them through and days when the carry me through. Probably more of the later to be honest. I thank God for them every day. Again, He knew exactly what was needed.

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