Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fashion Diva

My sister and I got to hang out a little last week. She came over Wednesday and showed up with a bag of clothes for the kids and then Thursday us girls, including Zion, and Gideon got to go shopping. It is amazing to see how much Zion loves clothes and shoes. She's not even two yet!

When we shopped on Thursday I could hardly keep her in the stroller and when let out she went crazy looking at all the clothes and picking some off the shelves and trying others on - all things that were my size. That was nothing, however, compared to her excitement when we got to the next store and she saw the shoe section. My goodness, we almost didn't get her out of there. As it was she was really quite unhappy with me that I made her leave.

On Friday when I got Zion up I showed her one of the new dresses from my sister and asked if she wanted to wear and she shouted joyfully "'weet!" which means sweet! Then today she got to wear the other new one with white tights today. That outift seemed to have been made to go with the new ballet flats that I bought her the other day. Perfect!

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