Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sweetest Boy

And you just can't argue with that. He's sweet and kind, helpful and amazing. He's the first person to actually ask me to knit them something and that just makes me love him more. tee hee

We were at JoAnn a few weeks ago for some other yarn and we picked out the yarn together. Red is his favorite color. Since then he hasn't let me forget about his scarf. I was thinking that the weather would get too warm before I would finish it but, go figure, God really wanted him to use his scarf 'cause it snowed yesterday. Gabe and Zion went out to play and sure 'nuff, he got to wear his scarf. Now Zion wants one. Hm. Off to the store for more yarn. Bummer. I just can't handle more yarn - ha!

Speaking off crafts and things, I got my handmade craft from Rachel for the Craft It Forward exchange. I've already used one of these cute personalized cards (which happen to use orange - my favorite color, how did she know?). I've finished two of my three handmade items that I am giving away to the three who signed up on my blog but I'm not going to say what they are or post photos until I've sent them off. Ah, the torture!

We spent a wonderful weekend with my sister. Friday night she and I went to a craft night with Nora and got some Photoshop tutoring. Jamie and I brought our laptops and Nora did the teaching. I learned enough to get me started on Rob's "year you were gone" scrapbook using the calendar pages I have up on the wall but we just scratched the surface. Matthew watched all the kids. All of mine and all three of hers. What a guy! Honestly, I know some husbands who won't even watch their own kids (what's up with that, anyway?) let alone someone else's. Then on Saturday we lounged around my house until later afternoon and then drove up and met the rest of Jamie's family for dinner. After a yummy Mexican meal we went to Jamae's school for her ASL class concert. It was really, really awesome. The music and choreography were great as well as the interpreting and you could really tell that the kids worked very hard on the whole thing. Later, we drove back to our house and spent another leisurely day around the house until Jamie had to go home. The house seems a little empty now.

I also got to speak with Rob today and he is doing well. Crazy busy. He is happy that there is a new crew manning the kitchen so the food situation has improved a great deal. That truly is a happy thing. I don't like to think of him over there being fed mystery meat. Poor guy's skinny enough as it is.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When I decided to move my laptop to a less desirable spot in the house I knew that I'd likely check my e-mail less and blog less and that I'd be doing other things instead and that would be fine. What I didn't expect was the fines. Yeah. Since my laptop isn't right there nearby for most of the day I keep forgetting to check when the library books are due. Let's just say the amount that I've paid in fines in the last few weeks is, well, kind of embarrassing. I guess it's going to a good cause though.

I should have expected Zion to follow in her brother's footsteps and use the word "actually" a lot because I use it a lot (one of those things you don't know you do until someone points out each time you do it) and I would have been right. Her's sound like ak-choo-wee and it's completely adorable. As in "Zion, it's time for bed now." and then "Ak-choo-wee, I go ow'side pway now."

I never expected that Zion would like to play outside alone. Gabe never did. Still doesn't. But she'll go outside in any condition by herself and play.

I never expected Gideon to have projectile vomitting in the waiting area of the elementary school office while Gabe was inside taking his test for Kindergarten. A little voice inside my head when we arrived for the test told me I should take his blanket in "just in case" but I shunned it. Told it that was stupid because Gideon doesn't spit up anymore. Dumb me. Always listen to the voices in your head! Oh wait. Maybe that's not such a good idea. Anyway, the staff were wonderful and I'm sure when Gabe starts school in the Fall they will remember us. The principal included. Yeah. Nothing like getting to know the school principal by having to apologize for all of the vomit all over the chairs and floor of the office. Still, all's well that ends well and Gabe hit it out of the park on the test (which is supposed to help them identify kids that need extra help). The lady (shame on me for not getting her name while I was busy blushing over the vomit on my pants) said he is definitely ready for school and that they will probably have a reading group for the K class for kids like him that are already reading. Whew! She wasn't really sure what they would do for his math skills which are also quite a bit ahead but we can cross that bridge when we come to it. I'm hoping to find someone to watch Zion and Gideon so I can volunteer in his class next year. Fun times! Another fun thing about looking forward to te Fall is that Rob will be home by then. Woohoo! I've got a whopping care package all ready to get to the Post Office that I hope he really, really enjoys. I'll enjoy it when I can spoil my husband without having to make a trip to the Post Office.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Week

My oh my, what a busy week! I've hardly had time to check e-mail let alone blog or anything.

Monday started bright and early with set up at the church where I am a MOPS table leader. Normally I don't do set up but Tuesday's meeting was the annual special meeting that is run by the table leaders. This year's theme was Jazz N Java so we set up the meeting room to look like like a jazzy little coffee shop complete with a stage with instruments and a plate glass window looking out on a city (which was painted by the table leaders too only not me 'cause I couldn't get a sitter to go to that meeting). Later my neighbor helped me get one of my cats to the vet. Turns out the poor little guy has an ear infection. The rest of the day was filled with cooking and baking, besides taking care of the kids that is.

Tuesday was the meeting itself and that was such a good time. Three ladies gave their testimonies and I was very blessed by what they shared. My table had a good chat too and it was just a really good time. Well, when you set up you have to take down so I stayed to help with that. Then home for lunch and for the kids to nap so I can clean. That was the plan anyway. Zion started howling shortly after going down and woke up Gideon so no nap for them. I finished the dishes and then got us the heck out of the house, staying home was going to make us all nuts. Off to an errand that I'd been meaning to run for a week but the rain was keeping me from it and then off to Gabe's swim class.

Wednesday is usually preschool at my house for Gabe and his friend Isaac but with sickness and busyness we decided to skip this week. We are learning about Ireland however so next week we'll be having an Irish meal to end the month. Can't wait! Still Nora, Isaac and Sarah still came to play but not until I hauled all the kids to our elementary school to register Gabe for Kindergarten in the fall. Ahhhhhhh!!!! Did I just say that? Yep, and boy is he excited. I am too but I won't really know how I feel until I put him on the bus. I think I may have a change of heart.

Later that night while Gabe was at AWANA my friend Laura came so I could teach her how to knit. Yeah. Only been doing it a few months myself but I'm already roping others in to the craft. Truth be told she and I and a few other friends have something special up our sleeves but I can't talk about it yet. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll blab and probably have pictures. Patience!

Thursday morning is Bible study for me and this week was no exception. A quick lunch at home after that so we can have Gabe's friend Gabe (yep, two of them AND they have the same birthday) and his mom came over to play. The boys played Lego Indiana Jones on the Playstation2 (gotta get that game!) while the mamas got our knit on. Love having other ladies to knit with, thinking about starting a monthly group. Had to cut out early to head to the Y so Nora and I could try Zumba. Let's just say that I'm really glad we tried the Basic class first. Oh. My. Goodness! I was so out of breath and got to a good reminder of how not graceful I am. Hm. I think I may try it again but I'm really going to have to psych myself up first. Then we all got to go to Nora's house for dinner and then Matthew took all the boys (except Gideon) to swim class while the girls I (and Gideon) stayed back to play. Not to knit though. Can't convince Nora of that one. :)

Friday. Whew, is the week not over yet? Friday mornings are always a bit obnoxious in their busyness. Awakened by an alarm clock, feed us all quick, quick, quick, then off to the Y for Gabe's sports class, Zion's swim class and then my water aerobics class. So tired by the time we leave and not just because of the workout. This particular Friday was also my monthly movie night so after feeding the kids lunch (with the help of Taco Time) I cleaned a bit. A real little bit. My darn cold still has me pretty low in energy so I'm doing only as much as necessary. This month we watched While You Were Sleeping, a favorite of mine, and I also made a lot of progress on my current knitting project.

*sigh* I'm exhausted just from rehashing all this. It was a fun week though. Here are some more highlights in picture:

I got Gabe to play in shaving cream. A couple of years ago I would have told you this never would have happened. Judging by the look on his face he's still warming up to the idea. He doesn't do textures well. At all. But he didn't throw up and said he would do it again so we're golden.

Zion wore a totally cute outfit and ran from the camera. Nothing new there.

Gideon got his very first sandwich. Jam no peanut butter. Totally loved it. He's busting through tooth number six. That will make four on the top and two on the bottom. He's also starting to move around a lot more and pull himself up on things. Usually me. Still, I thought he was never going to crawl. Not that I'm complaining. I keep saying that God knew I didn't need another mobile child right now so he was keeping Gideon content to sit where I put him. Not for much longer.

Me? I got a hair cut and had Gabe take a picture of me. Didn't he do such a great job!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weirdness And All That

My oh my has there been some weirdness going on. I've been sick all week. Really sick. Like "you kids just play the Wii and I'll be crashed here on the couch" kind of sick for days and days. Stuffy nose, coughing, hacking, phlegm Mmmmmmm, yummy. Canceled pretty much all my and the kids' activities all week. Someone also replaced my beautiful chubby cheeked smiley baby with a baby that throws fits. About everything! He has perfected the I-don't-want-to-get-in-my-carseat back arch and does it even when he's happy to get in his carseat. He does it while laughing. And he has massive mommy separation anxiety which means that he screams now whenever he's left with someone else. Grrr!

Thought we'd be doing good by getting to church today. That went OK it was afterwards that things got a little weird.

First off the kids were massively hyper. What happened? Did the teachers in Sunday School give them injections of sugar while they were supposed to be learning about Jesus? I had to pick some stuff up at Walmart and only Gideon fits in the cart so the others were loose. Usually not a problem but it is when they've had secret injections of ADHD causing something-or-other. I suddenly found myself being one of those moms whose barking "stop", "get back here", "don't touch that" and that is very, very rare. Shopping was going painfully slow and frustrating already when all of the sudden there was a humongous noise from above. Hail on the roof. Tons of it - boy was it loud! The kids and I said a quick prayer that it would be over by the time we had to leave since I had to park so far away, then -blink- lights out. That's right. The entire Walmart lost electricity. All of us shoppers got herded out like cattle. Luckily they allowed us to make what purchases we had in our carts. Sadly for me I hadn't yet gotten to the grocery section.

Once at home grumpy kids got a snack before nap and I got to discover that the power flicker had dumped our Internet. What a process it is to get it back. Luckily I knew what to do (mostly - one quick call to a friend to remind me how to get into the right window to fix what I needed to fix). I had just time to get my own snack when Gideon was already awake and crying. A quick exploratory of his mouth revealed swollen gums. Darn teeth! That must be why he didn't sleep well last night either. *sigh* Still, the night flitted away faster than I expected and before I knew it it was time for the kids to go to bed and here I am with my own plate of food waiting and many chores ahead. Hopefully some fun too though. I have some knitted gifts I'm working on. I can't wait to post pictures but I'll just have to until the gifts are given. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise should the recipient happen to pop on here.

Tomorrow holds the hope for a better day. Not less busy. But I hope just a little happier.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Goings On

I feel really behind. I'm not spending nearly as much time on my computer. I decided to test my theory that if my laptop wasn't so accessible I might spend more time doing other things. Not just chore type stuff but fun things too like reading and continuing my knitting. Then there's this whole Lent thing going on which I've never done before because it just wasn't part of my upbringing or church traditions in my adulthood. But I like the concept of, not just giving something up but replacing that "thing" with better habits. I didn't give up my laptop but I gave up my laptop's normal location which is always near me on the couch and put it on the bar in the kitchen. My activities I have to admit, have been a lot more rounded since then. Sadly, that also means I'm not blogging as much.

I'm back to working on my first project and it's nearly done. It really doesn't go with this outfit but I wanted a picture of it midway. I'm very pleased that I didn't accidentally stab myself in the eye with the needles when I was putting it on and taking it off. That would have been so like me.

This last week has had it's ups and downs. One week ago tomorrow morning Rob boarded a plane and left. Sad. This time I feel like I'm struggling with loneliness more. Maybe because much of his leave period was spent in ways that weren't planned nor desired, like taking care of sick kids. We kept having to split up. One would stay home so the other could run out and vice versa. It really frustrated me. (I might have written about that already.) Things are starting to smooth out a little. Wouldn't you know it though, Gideon has hit a MAJOR Mama separation anxiety phase and doesn't want anything to do with anybody. Period. He cried for more than two hours in the MOPS nursery then he cried in the Y nursery only their policy is to go get the parent after 20 minutes so I had just gotten in the pool for my aerobics class and made less than one lap and they wanted me to come get him. Arg! This is not good for my sanity! He must miss his Daddy.

I also lost my bestest babysitter because she is having issues at home. Oh yeah, and she lied to me and used me to deceive her parents. Major bummer! Oh and her mom is made at me too and the day that Rob left she called to let me know so that really didn't help feel better about being "single" again. So now I'm feeling all imprisoned and stuff because I don't even have anyone I can call when I need to get out without the kids.

OK, I don't want to turn this into a whine fest. Things have been looking up the last couple of days if for no other reason than we're starting to get back into a groove. Zion is back to her normal antics. She colored herself purple the other day and tried to wash herself off before I found out. The clue? Her desperate squawk of "No! Go 'way!" to Gabe when he entered the bathroom where she was washing. When I took her shirt off to wash it I found that she had colored stripes on her belly and filled in her belly button. Nice. This is why I bought her washable markers for Christmas.

The night before Rob left we had a family movie and game night. First we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and then put Gideon and Zion to bed and stayed up and played Wii with Gabe. Before bedtime I took a bunch of shots of the gang all together. This is the best one. I intentionally didn't try to pose or get everyone to look at the camera. I just sat there and shot away while they did their own thing. Yep. This is pretty much us in real life.

Gabe and his friend Isaac are back to having preschool here once a week now that things are getting back to normal as well. In February we all learned about Italy. And in keeping with my end-of-month plans we had a special meal of foods from that country. We all took turns putting the layers on a lasagna which turned out gorge-yourself good!

We also had salad, breadsticks and bruschetta.

And followed the meal with Spumoni ice cream - yummy yum yum!

This month we are going to learn about Ireland so stay tuned to see what we cook up at the end of the month! Until then just keep checking in of course to see what we're up to and, naturally, I'll try to have pictures.