Sunday, September 12, 2010

Binky Buddy Pattern

I have written out my very first knitting pattern, I'm so excited. It's something very simple but still, it's mine. :) The idea came about after I knitted a hanging kitchen towel and realized that a much smaller version could replace the burp cloth I'd been shoving through the loop of my baby's binkies in order to keep it in place and easily findable. So I knit one and gave it away as a baby shower gift. I entered it into my projects journal on Ravelry and some people saw it and expressed interest in the pattern. I won't say how much time has passed *cough* but at last, here it is:

The Binky Buddy by Julie Ross


· 1 skein worsted weight cotton or cotton blend (machine washable is recommended, this is for a baby after all, Lion Brand CottonEase works well)

· Size 6 (4.0mm) needles

· One 1” button (or smaller, just adjust the button hole as necessary)

· Stitch marker

· Tapestry needle

Gauge: No Matter

Cast on 64 stitches placing a stitch marker between stitches 32 and 33.

Rows 1 through 4 knit.

Row 5 and remaining right side rows (until loop) knit to two stitches before center, ssk, , slip marker, k2t, knit to end

Row 6 and remaining wrong side rows (until loop) k4, purl to last three stitches, k4

Continue until 12 stitches remain.

For the loop:

Knit all rows continuing to decrease on right side until 8 stitches remain and end with a wrong side row.

Starting with right side row knit 5 garter ridges (back and forth ten times) and end with a wrong side row.

For the folding line:

Knit right side rows and purl wrong side rows for 4 rows.

Continuing the loop:

Knit next 8 rows (4 garter ridges) and end with a wrong side row.

For the buttonhole:

Knit 2

Bring yarn to the front

Slip 1 purl wise

Bring yarn to the back

Slip 1 purl wise, pass first slipped stitch over second. Repeat “binding off” 4 stitches

Place last stitch back on left needle (leaving 2 stitches on left needle and 2 on right), turn work.

Cast on 5 stitches using cable cast on method.

Turn work. Bring yarn to back, slip first stitch off left needle on to right needle and pass last cast on stitch over it. Slip first stitch on right needle back to left needle, work in knit to the end of row.

Knit 3 rows.

SSK, k4, k2t - 6st.


SSK, k2, k2t - 4st.


Bind off in knit.

Weave in ends.

Sew button in place - TIGHTLY!

***Only use the Binky Buddy when you can supervise and make sure that the fabric stays away from baby’s face as well as periodically check to see that the button stays firmly attached.

You can also use this item as a burp cloth or attach it to a favorite toy so that it is easy to keep track of, always heeding the above warnings in order to keep baby safe. If you knit this item to give away please pass on the safety information as well. Thank you!


p.s. If you knit this and find any errors or have comments or questions just let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

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Bill Julie Arbuckle said...

Thank you for the blinky buddy!! I just gave one way at a baby shower today!!! Thank you so much!!!