Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day Of School

It's that time of year again. My favorite time of year for many reasons. Cooler weather usually but this year we didn't so much have warmer weather so it doesn't feel quite as special.

Fall colors. They're coming, you can see some turning in those leaves. Oh yeah.

Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin muffins. I might even try pumpkin pancakes this year. You get the picture.

But the bittersweet moment is sending Gabe off to school. Not only do I miss him during the day but he is most useful to have around the house especially when I'm stuck on the couch feeding Elias and I need something. He's my go-to guy.

Gabe was so excited for school to start. The morning of he came to find me at about 7:20. He said he wanted to make sure I was up. Then he asked if he could get his own breakfast. I'd planned on making waffles but he was so anxious to be ready I let him get his own. A Poptart. Oh well. Then the poor boy had to wait anyway. He kept asking over and over if it was time to go. Finally he just told me I should finish my breakfast after I took him to the bus stop because he was afraid of missing the bus. Silly boy. Rest assured we got out of the house in time and he didn't miss the bus.

The bus has been spotted and the kids start lining up. Gabe wasn't even going to look at me to say good bye until I told him to.

And there he goes without a second glance. Rob was able to come home early enough to pick him up after school so we both got to participate in the joy/sadness of the first day of school.

I believe this will be a good year for Gabe. I think there will also be a bigger adjustment for him because he was hoping to know some of his classmates and as it turns out he's stuck in a class of new faces. The night before school started the school held a "social" where the kids got to go and find out who their teacher is and find their classroom and get an ice cream treat. So it was only the night before school started that we found out that Gabe was put in a mixed first/second grade classroom. His new teacher said that there are 20 second graders and 6 first graders in her class (and she herself only discovered the night before that that she would be teaching a mixed class). It seems that Gabe is a little sad that none of the other 5 first graders were classmates of his last year. And he is especially disappointed that his friend Jordan (who happens to be a girl) isn't in class with him. At the same time he can't stop talking about how he gets two recesses. Today he said he also got to play with Unifix blocks and that was just like having a third recess.

So, yeah, he is likely going to have a really good year but I do hope that he makes new friends soon.

As for us at home we are going to be busy as well. Playdates, MOPS, Bible study and home preschool for Zion. She is super excited about that and was really disappointed that I didn't fit it in today except for a short story time. It will be interesting to see how this goes because as excited as she is she isn't serious about learning AT ALL. Though despite her distraction and goofing off she does seem to absorb some of what comes her way.

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