Friday, September 3, 2010

Rough Day

Poor Gideon is having a rough day. First, I let him try a rice krispie type bar that had yogurt in it. I wouldn't have let him have it except that his allergist gave the go ahead to try him on some dairy and Gideon has had them before and I never noticed a reaction. Granted, it has been a long time since he had one because that was before the allergist told us to cut out all dairy including things that were baked and cooked (like the bar). So I let him have it. He ate half and got little hives around his mouth. Now I feel bad because he had a reaction (i.e. he still likely can't have dairy even though his allergist keeps telling us he should have grown out of it by now) and I feel like a bad mom because I gave him something that made him react. *sigh* So for the first time in the year since we started seeing the allergist I broke down and gave him the oral antihistamine he was prescribed.

So I thought maybe he would have a fun time playing outside. And he did. Until he got attacked by biting ants. I had to come in and check Elias because I heard him start to cry and I get inside and am in here for a minute or two when I hear Gideon cry. Back outside I go. Gideon is standing at our back fence and he's crying. I can see that he's soaking wet and his head is covered in sand. This usually doesn't make him cry though so I look closer and Gideon holds up his hand and says "See." so calmly and shows me there's a big black ant there. I swipe it off not thinking anything of it and guide him up to the house and proceed to stripe him down. Ants are falling out of his clothes. I think I get them all and take him inside with just his diaper and sandals still on. Inside I go to take off his sandals and notice a black ant that is actually still in the process of biting him. That sucker has chomped down on my baby's pudgy ankle, he's trying to hard to bite the ant's body is actually waggling back and forth. I had a dickens of a time dislodging it so I could squash it mercilessly under a shoe. After him I had to squash three or four more of its brethren and that's just what I found while taking off Gideon's sandals. Poor baby. I gave him a quick bath to wash off the sand and cuddle him in his super soft towel and he feels better but darn it, what a day - and it's not even lunch time!

Before all that though he and I did puzzles together and I grabbed the camera to record his great funny giggle.

And another take here:

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