Sunday, September 12, 2010


Rob is away on his Reserves weekend and 5 of the 5 of us left at home have a little cold so we played hookie from church and are having one of our famous "pajama days". Since I have a cold I don't feel guilty ignoring some of the household chores to work on some of the more sedentary items on my to-do list. You know, really important things like knitting and blogging. Though, I have to confess that one of the knitted items on my to-do list is a Christmas present.

From last year (yikes!)


Angel Baby
Elias is one of those babies that, when someone asks "Is he a good/easy baby?" you get to say "Yes!" and really mean it. Truly, all babies are good babies because they are all just doing what babies do but some are definitely happier/more content/less demanding/whatever and he fits into that category right now. You can often make him smile even when he wants to cry, he laughs a lot (and sometimes so hard he snorts), he is content in the bouncy seat, the swing or on his mat until he gets hungry or needs a new diaper of course, and he sleeps through the night two out of every three night which isn't too bad for a 2-month old. Needless to say, we are really enjoying his personality right now.

Lunch made to order
Not wanting to deal with cajoling a bunch of not-feeling-so-good kids to eat their lunch I made them each something I knew they would eat. Zion got pasta (we happened to have a bunch of plain pasta in the fridge already made) with butter and parmesan with olives on the side, Gabe got a PBJ, chips and banana and Gideon got his version of fish and chips. (Those are Finding Nemo fruit snacks. He also got some banana with today's ever so healthy lunch fare.)

This is was Zyrtec does to my little guy apparently. The day he got hives around his mouth from eating the yogurt bar I gave him some and this is how I found him a little while later. He was awake at least and the second I asked "Do you want to go outside and play?" he jumped right up. Then he got attacked by the ants.

Turn that frown upside down! ;)

Zion's kitty, Eva, sure is getting big. She's becoming quite the good cat, just has to learn a few more kitty manners (like not jumping up on the table even when we aren't there to squirt her with the water bottle). She sure likes her girl (at the very least when her girl is sleeping). She has also been more attentive to me which has been helping me not miss Ben quite as much. Every little bit helps, his absence in our home is still glaringly apparent. Eva very much loves to hunt and once she's allowed outside (not until after her spay surgery!) I'm sure she'll be a bringer of gifts like our other kitty Maisy. Maisy who we watched hunt down and play with a big gray mouse the other day. A literal cat and mouse game.

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