Saturday, May 31, 2008

Socks And Sandals Guy, You're One Of Us.

Here in Washington we have commercials from Pemco insurance that highlight many of our Northwest personalities. One of these is "socks and sandals guy" who is unable to decide, because of our kookie weather, whether to wear socks and shoes or sandals so he wears socks with sandals. Though born in Rhode Island, Gabe truly is a Washingtonian at heart because he has adopted this fashion statement as his own (and as much as I love my home state I promise I have not influenced this at ALL). You really must check out the website and enjoy the profiles of the characters we have in our lovely state.

Yesterday we had a fabulous time playing with the kids after dinner. Not that we don't have fun playing with the kids usually but it was particularly fun last night. Gabe was putting together a train layout. Nothing new there. His track layouts are getting more elaborate and complex and his confidence has really grown, he doesn't very often ask for assistance anymore and usually it's really just because he wants someone to play with him. He adds in lots of turns and ups and downs as well as sidings and makes sure that the trains won't get stuck in a loop. Zion was being goofy and running around with her play apron on and Rob was sitting and watching Gabe build his train while holding Gideon. I joined them, grabbed a book off the bookshelf and started to read out loud from "Pilgrim's Progress". I hadn't read about Christian's journey away from the City of Destruction in a long time. If you haven't read about it yet, I highly recommend that you do.

While I read, Gabe "baked" for us. First cookies with ice cream in the middle and then cake. He kept warning us that the pieces were big so we needed to take small bites. I thought it really cute that, when he couldn't find a knife to cut the cake (out of the toy kitchen set that is), he used the handle of the spoon that he did have instead. Way to improvise, Gabe! It was just so nice to have some fun family time. And the cake was delicious.

One-Month Pics

Finally! I got the pictures of my camera tonight. Usually when the kids turn one month I try to shoot some nice pictures. This time, however, on Gideon's one-month birthday I got the news of my Grandma's passing so I was a bit distracted. I have a couple of pics of him from when Rob was changing his diaper (can't hardly pass up naked baby photos) but at that point I didn't even remember what day it was so I didn't think to set up anything cute. I did, however, get a couple of shots from the day before that turned out pretty humerous so that will have to do.

Gideon is letting me know under no uncertain terms that he would much rather be eating than having his picture taken. Too bad for him that I just had to get a shot of him wearing his "thrill seeker" shirt. It's just so darn cute.
But as soon as he has a full tummy he's all better and quickly fell asleep holding my finger.
And here he is in his I "heart" U shirt, another of my favorites. I don't think he's too thrilled again to have his picture taken but he's just going to have to get used to it!

And of course here we have the future blackmail pictures! Everyone has some of these lying around somewhere - or at least they should. ;)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The One-Month Check!

This is the bare bones post (see below for the TMI post - if you dare). Gideon had his one-month check-up today (actually yesterday since I forgot to publish this post when I wrote it). First and foremost he got a clean bill of health, he is doing great! Second, he has gained a pound since his last check up three weeks ago and is now at 10lb 12oz. Not too shabby since his lowest weight (that we know of) was 9lb 5oz and that was on May 2nd, the Friday after he was born. So while it's not a great deal over his birth weight it's a good gain over his lowest weight.

The reason that I put off publishing this post was because I wanted to include a photo and needed to get them off my camera. Hmph. Still hasn't happened. I hope to get some time for posting more photos and things tomorrow. The last couple days have just been a little crazy.

The Way Too Personal Post

This is where I go into details which may be more than people want to know so I'll say that now and you can just skip the post - or keep reading. Your choice.

So, in 2004 (when Gabriel was ten-months old) I had a breast reduction surgery. That poses a problem when it comes to breastfeeding. That in turn can cause problems with weight gain for the baby. That may be where we're at with Gideon. It's really hard to tell at this point if I have a full supply or not. It appears that I do but Gideon could be one of those babies who is content even when hungry. Granted, I nurse him ALL the time. I let him nurse as often and for as long as he wants (so long as I can still care for Gabe and Zion) which can be as often as every hour. I am also taking an herbal suppliment called Fenugreek and know that it is helping to boost my supply a bit. The doctor today urged me to begin formula supplimentation because she feels that he is not gaining weight fast enough. Just so you know, I don't have anything against formula. Rob and I chose to give Gabe formula at times because sometimes it was easier than breastfeeding (particularly because nursing before my surgery was difficult and uncomfortable) and we gave Zion formula because I definitely did not have enough supply with her (she was a terrible nurser AND women typically have increased supply with each child they nurse after having the surgery). That said, I would like to put off giving formula for as long as possible especially since starting formula supplementation can make it harder to increase my supply (because baby is getting nourishment when NOT nursing). There are at breast supplementation systems (i.e. the baby would receive formula through a tube while nursing from me) that you can get but I don't feel that those are a viable solution for me for a number of reasons.

So, long story short (or short story long). Gideon may be getting enough and is just not meant to be a chubby, chubby baby or he is not getting enough and we'll have to supplement with formula. We are in the process of figuring this out. We have another weight check in two weeks to see where he's at.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Grandma

My Grandma passed away last night. She had heart surgery shortly before Gideon was born but I had no idea that she was doing so poorly since then. Apparently, it was her choice that we not be informed of the seriousness of her condition, thus sparing us worry I suppose. I won't go into how I feel about that but if you're reading this, don't ever do that to anyone who cares about you.

My Grandma was young really, and youthful more importantly. The last images I have of her is when we visited last October. I am SO very grateful that we didn't put that trip off. Our last conversation was after her surgery and, though she sounded weak, she was herself. We got to talk about what's going on in life and the new baby and I'm also grateful that she got to hear about her sixth great grandchild and see a picture of him via my blog.
I was home alone with the kids when my uncle called this morning to give me the news. After I called Rob and my brother and my dad and shed many tears Gabe asked if something happened to my Grandma. He is so observant and sensitive. When I told him that my Grandma in Arizona passed away and went to heaven he looked deeply into my eyes and said "I'm sorry, Mama." so sincerely. God knew what I needed when He gave me Gabe first, he is a salve to my soul when I need it the most.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Mighty Mouser

This morning the animals were all lined up at the back door as usual. I let them all out but shortly after wondered why Towzer wasn't begging to get back in for his breakfast. I noticed that Towzer, Ben and Maisy were gathered in the back corner of the yard but was busy so I didn't have a chance to really investigate. Later I called Towzer in because Zion wanted to go outside to play (I don't allow the dog and the kids to be in the yard without an adult) but he came in reluctantly. Hmmm, I wondered, what is so interesting out there anyway. I watched Ben for a minute since that was what Towzer was doing. It didn't take very long for the mystery to be solved, Ben had a mouse. It appeared that the mouse had, well, expired, and that Ben was having a grand time tossing it about and catching it again. A number of the houses in the neighborhood have mice and rat problems. It seems that won't be a problem for us, Ben will make sure of that. You may notice that Ben is standing a little funny, that's because one of Ben's hind legs had to be removed when he was a kitten. He's never let that slow him down though.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Backtracking - or trekking

I've been meaning to post this for a while but have had so much current events to keep me going that backtracking for this hasn't been a priority. The day before I went into labor we had a chance to get to NW Trek. I actually had some pretty good though irregular contractions while we were there so I wonder if it could have been that excursion that finally did it. Anyway, we had a fabulous time at the wildlife park. We got to ride a tram around to see bison, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose, and a variety of deer. A lot of the animals were shedding their winter coats so they looked a little odd and many of the mamas either had brand new babies or were due any day - like me!
Gabe had a great time explaining to anyone on the tram who would listen that the tram cars were coupled together - with a coupling no less! He was more excited to be on the tram than he was for the animals. After the tram we walked the rest of the park to see the animals in other enclosures. We got to see wolves, foxes, coyotes, a bathing bear and a performing beaver. Each separate enclosure had information and questions and some had interactive exhibits that the kids really enjoyed.

Awww, aren't they cute! We really had a great time, the weather was perfect and the kids loved be let loose to wander (with us close at their heels of course).

Trailing after Daddy.

Now she's hitching a ride with Daddy.

Here I am with the kids and almost my last day as a pregnant woman.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Fun

On Friday Rob and I were excited to hear that the holiday weekend called for clouds and rain. That may sound strange but we thought it sounded like fun to just hang out at home and have fun here. But Saturday morning we were woken by the sun. What a bummer! OK, yes, we're weird, but the sun wakes us up a lot earlier than when it's cloudy. It's just a fact. Anyway, Rob had a great idea to take advantage of the sunny day so we went out to lunch and then headed to the Weyerhaeuser Rhododendron and Bonsai Garden. We had enough time for the Bonsai exhibit but not the Rhododendron portion which I guess is more than 22 acres! We'll go back another day for the rest but we did get some really pretty pictures.
Most of the bonsai it seemed were decades old but at least one was more than a century old. Any tree can be bonsai, which is an art, not a specific tree. Some of these were regular old maple and pine trees there was even a redwood tree. All were absolutely beautiful!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tummy Time

Gideon got to have a little tummy time this afternoon. He doesn't seem to mind it so much (Gabe absolutely despised being on his tummy) and in fact quickly realized that it's really easy to get one's hand in one's mouth in this position and quit trying to hold his head up in order to suck on his knuckles.

He's been quite the trooper the last couple of days getting dragged to all sorts of non-baby events. Thursday I took him to a tea party and today he spent hours at Gabe's picnic. He doesn't fuss unless he wants to eat (which he frequently decides he wants to do while tucked into his car seat in the backseat and there's nothing I can do about it - stinker) and seems to enjoy sitting quietly and simply watching what is going on.

End Of School Picnic

Gabriel has been looking forward to this day for weeks. His first year of preschool has come to a close and his class had planned to join the other two classes at his school for an end of the year picnic today. This morning when we woke up the sky was grey and the rain was pattering away at the windows. Bummer. I was not looking forward to breaking my little boy's heart. When I went into his room I told him that today was the day of the picnic and he shouted "woohoo!" and wrapped his arms around my neck. Boy, was he not making it easy. Then I told him that I had some sad news, that it was raining and if it kept raining we wouldn't be able to have a picnic. Yep, his little heart broke instantly. I told him quickly that we should pray and ask God to bless our fun day, to stop the rain and send us sun. Gabe prayed first, his little voice cracking while he asked God to stop the rain and give us sun. So precious, I had a hard time not tearing up. Well, God heard this little boy's prayer and the rain did in fact stop and we got to go to his picnic.

Gideon slept the entire time we were there snuggled warmly in the front pack.

Zion absolutely loved the wobbly bridge. The more the older kids bounced it the more she loved it, a few times she was nearly knocked flat on her back and it just made her laugh harder.

She enjoyed the swing almost as much as the wobbly bridge.

Gabe's favorite things were the variety of slides.

Zion hammed it up for Daddy when he had the camera. Can you tell it was a bit chilly towards the end, we all had on about 2 or 3 layers by the time we left - but the rain never returned!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Coolest Picture

I'm in love with this photograph - click here. The contrast between the tattoos and the Hello Kitty teapot - perfect! (And now that I have your curiosity up with that statement you'll be sure to click on the link.)

And just to add a little push for one of my favorite hobbies, the best sites that I've found for learning photography are Use Film,, and Better Photo. If you aren't so much interested in learning photography but enjoy looking at great photographs these sites are good for that also.

This Just In...

Breaking News! I know that for all the moms out there this is going to be life changing - or at least lunch-changing! I found - get this - a frozen chicken nugget and frozen french fries that - wait - cook at the same temperature AND for the same length of time! Yeah. I know. It's amazing! A miracle really. Because I have a generous nature I'll share the secret combo with you. It's Tyson Chicken Nuggets and Ore Ida Extra Crunchy Seasoned Crinkle Cut French Fries, they both cook at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. Wow! There you go. Now you to can have make lunch without having to figure out an average time and average temperature for both items. Yeah, lunch with no math involved.

Next I'll be tackling the issue of hot dogs and hot dog buns coming in different counts per package. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Three Weeks Old Today

What a looker! I have no idea what his weight and length are these days. His next check up is at the end of next week so I just have to be patient.

I am amazed at how red his hair looks in this picture. I've noticed that happens when the camera's flash is used. It makes me wonder if his hair will change color later. Right now it is pretty brown looking.

Yes, his shirt says "potty like a rockstar". I love it! My sister picked it up for him when she was in Las Vegas recently (for a conference, I don't want to make it sound like she's got a gambling vice or something). I should have had one of these when Zion was a baby, she was such a diva. This little one though is a tad more mellow, a lot like Gabe was at that age. He's a good eater and sleeps well at night, also like his brother (and SO not like his sister). I don't compare like I'm saying "why can't you be

more like you're sibling?" but only because it sure is fun to see
the differences and similarities
between the three.

Speaking of the three, I finally got a picture of all three of them together. I've been trying for a while now but it seems like every time one or two of the three would have a sudden meltdown.

But here, finally, a picture with all three of them fairly happy and even dressed nicely. It's too bad that Zion's pigtails didn't make it this far into the day. She's also teething somethin' fierce so she nearly always has her hands in her mouth. Poor thing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Pigtails.

Aww, isn't she cute! It was like wrangling a wild Mustang trying to get her hair done but in the end she's adorable (I think so anyway). We'll have to work on the whole sitting still for doing the hair thing. I should have known that I would have problems since I can hardly get clothes on her but I had high (foolish but high) hopes.

I've stopped trying to track her words, there's just too many. She talks up a storm and repeats a lot of what she hears and I just can't keep up. I have a feeling I'm going to be trying to keep up with her for the rest of my life.

We've had some crazy hot weather here the last few days and it has renewed her desire to constantly be outside. She outlasts Gabe who inevitably comes inside before she does. When we get up in the morning the back door is the first place she goes where she starts begging for "oish" before I can even get breakfast in her. She brings me her shoes and insists on wearing them even if it's over her footed pajamas. We are going to go through a LOT of sunscreen this summer!Daddy's Girl!

Spot the Cat.

Here's my Spot kitty AKA Spot the Cat, Spot the Brat, Spotzilla and Spoticus. She hasn't been highlighted on the blog yet poor thing. A long time ago it was just me and Spot, two single gals sharing an apartment. Then this guy came along and we all got to take a long, long drive cross-country. Spot had a bed of her own in the back of the Explorer where she'd sack out for the long haul. Sometimes all we would see of her was her legs sticking up out of the bed. The only thing she didn't like was going under overpasses. Shortly after that an obnoxious puppy joined the family. She quit eating for days and pouted in the basement. Not too long after she recovered my belly started to grow significantly. But before that came to fruition a little grey kitten named Ben came to live with us much to her annoyance. Then Gabe came finally and the trek back across the country. Then Maisy our polydactyl tabby cat found us one day. Then Zion and now Gideon. Oh how our family has changed. Not just just us gals anymore and Spot turns 12 about this month or next. Don't tell her that I've revealed her true age (she'll probably puke on my pillow out of revenge). Not that it matters how old she is, as proven by the picture she can still make it up on our 6 foot fence without a problem and she behaves like a kitten.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gideon's Goings On

I looked at his hands today and couldn't believe how much they had changed in two short weeks. It's not even something I can really define. Sure they are filled out a little more but they just look so different. Adorable. I do think he may be a thumb sucker someday though. He has an intense need to suck on something just about 24/7 and is often trying to work his hands into his mouth. Oh boy! (By the way, "Oh, boy!" is one of Zion's current favorite exclamations. It's almost unbearably cute.)
Gideon has had some really good long awake times. He's becoming more and more content to just hang out and look at stuff (VERY much like Gabe was at that age) and he's starting to "chatter" and coo. Tonight we attended the awards ceremony for Gabe's AWANA's group and Gideon nursed for a little while at the start but after that he just sat on my lap looking, listening and cooing away. Then a bunch of the ladies in the church played "pass the baby" with him and he stared at them for a while. Many of them commented on how alert he was for his age. After we got home he stayed awake for a couple more hours. It's really almost hard to believe he can stay awake for that long at only two weeks and two days old.

Earlier today Gabe and Gideon had a little guy time on the loveseat. Gabe curled up under my favorite blanky and Gideon lay in his "hammock" (it's where the fabric on the footrest makes a perfect little bed for him - though the cats would argue it still belongs to them). Too precious.
This picture was taken on his two-week "birthday" but I only got it downloaded today. Somehow I managed to catch him in a little smile. He really is quite a good baby.

First Fishing Trip!

On Monday Gabe's preschool had a field trip to fishing at a local business that stocks ponds with rainbow trout. Rob was able to arrange his work schedule to go with him, just the two of them. The facility provides all of the equipment and even cleans and filets the fish for you if you like. Gabe caught two rainbow trout! He was quite excited though I think it was mostly cool to spend time with his Daddy. I just thought he was so darn cute! Only the day before I had found a shirt, shorts and hat set that were so adorable and perfect for fishing. It was too cold for the shorts but he still got to wear the shirt and hat.

After they brought the fish home Rob fried it up. Gabe was feeling goofy for pictures apparently. The fish was really yummy!

Something about the hat made me think of my Grandpa. He used to take me fishing when I was a little girl and would stay at my Grandparents house during the summer. Though I know at least one trip was aborted because of my unwillingness to crawl out of bed so early and most often I think I huddled up in my clothes trying to keep warm in Grandpa's boat instead of actively participating in any actual fishing, I have nothing but fond memories of those trips out with Grandpa. Spending time with them at their Whidbey Island beach house were some of the best times of my growing up years.

Like A Little Paris Hilton

Paris is famous for always saying "That's hot." and just like her according to Zion everything is "hot". In fact, it keeps her from eating sometimes. She'll be staring down a plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwich and raisins and yet she'll hold her hands up in mock surrender claiming it's "hot". Ugh! Just eat! Then again, I've used this to my advantage. Going to touch mama's things? All I have to do is say "No, that's hot." and she'll leave it alone. Devious on my part, I know, but us mamas have to use what we can. We have been trying to teach her "cold" as well and she is just starting to get the hang of it I think.

Her affection for Gideon has not waned at all. I don't really need to write about this again but I wanted to post a picture of the two of them and that's what it's about. Zion making sure Gideon always has his "plug" as we call it. He doesn't even really like it so I usually try to distract her and put the plug up somewhere but she is one determined kid.

They had their first unfortunate interaction today. I had Gideon on the floor to change his diaper and Zion was going to put an extra diaper in the bin for me when she stepped just a tad too close and got him in the head with the tip of her shoe. Poor guy. His little face scrunched up so quickly and he started to wail. He quieted right down when I picked him up and Zion looked positively startled, she had no idea what happened. She is so affectionate and caring, she never would have done it on purpose, I felt as bad for her as I did for him. Luckily the moment passed quickly and both are completely recovered. ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

One Lost, One Gained

Yesterday I so very much wanted to get a picture of all three kids together (still have done that yet) and especially since they were dressed up for Mother's Day. After we got home from all our busy-ness Rob took over with the kids so I could tend to other things. At one point I remembered the picture so I popped back in the living room where Zion was running around half naked and Gideon was on the floor being stripped and stuffed in his jammies. Darn! I was a bit bummed, it seems I'm always remembering too late.

Just before putting them in bed though Rob tried to get them all lined up and shoot a pick of them in their p.j.s at least. I think the picture at least shows their personalities well. Zion is wacky, Gabe doesn't like smiling for the camera and Gideon seems a little overwhelmed by his new siblings. (Please disregard how messy the house looks right now.)

Gideon is Two Weeks Old Today!

Wow! It's gone by so fast and I know I'm the first mom to say something like that. I failed to get on here and post about his weight check last week. On Wednesday he saw his doctor and weighed in at 9lb 12 oz. That means he gained 7 ounces since his previous weight check the Friday before - that's awesome! Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about his weight check since I had a surgery that can compromise my milk supply. I had a really difficult time maintaining a good supply with Zion and she was really slow to gain weight the first few months (but then took off!). He will see the doc and have his next weight check when he turns one month.

We had a very busy weekend and Gideon just went with the flow. Saturday we went to the bicycle safety and fire safety day at our chiropractors office. The kids got plastic fire hats, saw a video on fire safety and got to "escape" a house that was on fire (not really on fire of course). Then they got fitted for new bicycle helmets. Now we just need to get Gabe a new bike and see if Zion will fit his old one.

After that we went to lunch and went dishwasher shopping. We were not impressed with the customer service at Best Buy and left. Gabe got to go to a birthday party for a boy at his church and while he was there we continued our shopping at Home Depot who happened to be running a 10% off sale on Maytags and had two rebates running as well. Their service was much better and we picked out a new dishwasher!!! I've been wanting a new one for a looooong time. Ours is one of those lovely washers that you have to wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher or they don't come clean. Hmmmm. Lovely. But not so anymore once our new washer is delivered on Thursday!

Then Sunday we all went to church for the first time as a whole family since BEFORE Gideon was born. I did not go the couple weeks before his birth because I was tired both physically and of people asking me why I was still pregnant (like I have any control). As it turns out the last Sunday I skipped I was actually in early labor at the time anyway. Gideon sat through worship and then once the message started decided he was hungry so I spent the rest of service in the nursery with him. That's how it's been with all three of them so far.

After church we drove up to have lunch with my family for Mother's Day. It's an hour drive and Gideon did quite well. A couple of times he cried (screamed really) but calmed down again and fell back asleep. Not bad for his first long rides in the car. He slept through lunch at the restaurant and mostly through shopping afterward. The town where we had lunch has a TJ Maxx and we don't so we stopped in to look at clothes for the kids. Found some really cute outfits for each of them, especially a couple pretty outfits for Zion who seems to grow out of her clothes the fastest. I can't believe we're in for a change of the seasons again!

After lunch we headed for home but stopped at a Circuit City outlet store where Rob picked out a new TV for us. We've had two small TVs since we married, the one that he brought in and the one that I brought in to the marriage. They worked well for the apartment we had at first but have been too small for our house since we moved here. So now we have a much more appropriately sized screen for our viewing pleasure and we got a great deal to boot! All in all a great day - we saved money on a dishwasher, a TV and clothes for the kids and got to see how well Gideon handled a busy weekend.

10 + 10 + 9 =

...29 of course. This is what Gabe announced to us at the dinner table to other night. Rob and I were both appropriately impressed. I don't know when he started adding three numbers together or what prompted his mathematical outburst but I thought it was pretty cool.

Gabe's preschool class had a Mother's Day program on Friday. We all got to go since Rob was working from home that week. It was really special and very sweet. The kids (I think his class has 12 kids although there was a boy there who I didn't recognize so maybe they had a late addition) sang songs and did hand motions. At one point the kids were given yellow carnations. They sang "You Are My Sunshine" and walked out and gave the flowers to their moms. I almost had a total emotional breakdown. Holding my new boy with my big boy giving me a flower and singing to me and of course with Zion next to me. Life doesn't get much better than that!

Gabe sang his little heart out. Turns out he is the boy in class that feels like he has to pull his shirt up to expose his belly through most of the program. Oh well. Every class has to have one, right?

Buckel Up For Safety!

Buckling up seems to be the theme of the last week or so around here thanks to Zion's new obsession. She is learning how to buckle and therefore, everything much be buckled! After we get her down from her highchair she immediately turns around and buckles the straps again. She also helps us to buckle her carseat straps when we're going somewhere. I wouldn't mind so much if it stopped there but now that we have Gideon in the house she insists on buckling all of his seats as well - when he's not in them. So that means every time you go to put Gideon into one of his seats you have to stop and unbuckle it first. Not so easy sometimes when you are balancing a newborn in your arms.

Today is our first day with Rob back at work after Gideon was born. Zion has been so Daddy-crazed lately I wasn't sure how things would go this morning but they went surprisingly well. She asked for Daddy and I told her he was at work. Whether or not she understands that I don't know but she didn't get upset and we moved on to breakfast. After Gabe and Zion ate I nursed Gideon and Zion climbed up onto the couch with me. Luckily our loveseat has a foot rest which buys us some more space so she sat on the foot rest with her back leaning against the pillow I use for nursing and looked at a photo album. She was picking out pictures of her Daddy of course.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've heard of this and always wondered how it worked, now I know.

Here are the rules: A) The rules of the game must be posted at the beginning B) Each player answers the questions about themselves C) At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 more people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment telling them to read your blog for instructions.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Let's see, that's 1998 right? I was working at Trendwest Resorts (which is now a part of Wyndham blah blah blah - can't remember what it's called) as their Consumer Affairs Rep. I was attending Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, WA and very active in Bible studies, choir and other activities there. I was single. Hadn't even met Rob yet. At that point he was still finishing his college years at Michigan Tech University.

2. What was on my to-do list today? Breastfeed Gideon, breastfeed Gideon and probably breastfeed him some more. Gabe's preschool class had a Mother's Day program today so I got to go to that and it was so cute I was on the verge of tears throughout most of it. At one point each of the children had a yellow carnation and while they sang "You Are My Sunshine" they walked out to their moms and gave them the flower and a kiss. So sweet!

3. What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire? Pay off all debt, tithe (but not all to my own church, that's too much for one little church), set up college accounts for the kids, set up an account strictly for giving to those in need, maybe pay off the mortgages and/or debts of Rob's and my parents and siblings. Get a small plot of property with some goats, chickens, and a horse or too.

4. 3 bad habits 1) biting my nails 2) watching too much TV 3) being online a LOT!

5. Places I have lived: Sedro Woolley, WA; Everett, WA; Maltby, WA (in 2 different locations); Monroe, WA (in 2 different locations); Kirkland, WA (in 4 different locations); Silverdale, WA; Newport, RI; McCleary, WA; and now Bonney Lake, WA.

6. Places I have worked: A Morgan horse farm, a boarding kennel, three different animal hospitals, an Arabian breeding farm, a timeshare company (yeah, which one of things is not like the others!) and now home.

7. 3 things people don't know about me: Hmmm, let's see 1) I've had a crush on John Cusack since I was 12 2) I have a life long dream of riding horses in three-day eventing 3) I'm a total gamer - I love PC games, online games and I have my own Nintendo DS (Rob also has one so he doesn't have to use mine), we also have a Playstation 2, next we'll probably get a Wii.

so I tag: Friends Bobbi Ames, Shari Schock, and Tiffeny Boren.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Gideon Is One Week Old Today!

This morning he woke up to eat and Rob took him to change his diaper while I got settled in the glider (yep, my hubby rocks!) and then Rob started singing Happy Birthday to him. I looked up at the clock and sure enough it was 2AM, right when Gideon had been born one week earlier. Wow! How time flies! He is a fairly content baby unless he needs to eat. Rob says he will be a drag racer because he can go from zero to top speed (crying that is) in less than 2 seconds. There is absolutely no soothing him when it's time to eat except his meal. His alert times are getting more fun too. He really likes to look at new things and his reactions can be quite entertaining. Well, there's not much to say about a boy who just one week old so here are some new pictures.

My sister, Jamie (AKA "Tantie") came to visit with a friend, Abby, on Thursday. I honestly can't believe that I got a picture with all of them looking at the camera. Thank you God for small gifts!
This is my friend, Lawanna, who I have mentioned was diagnosed with cancer. We got to pop in for a visit with her on Thursday and Gideon fell in love with her right away. I'm so grateful that they got to meet, it is a real answer to my prayers.
Gideon did not seem to appreciate his first bath. Poor fellow. It didn't take too long after this was taken however that he was all snuggled up with his Daddy and was totally content again.
Peace, man, peace!
Hanging out on his baby gym this morning to celebrate one week of life. What a party animal!