Monday, May 12, 2008

Gideon is Two Weeks Old Today!

Wow! It's gone by so fast and I know I'm the first mom to say something like that. I failed to get on here and post about his weight check last week. On Wednesday he saw his doctor and weighed in at 9lb 12 oz. That means he gained 7 ounces since his previous weight check the Friday before - that's awesome! Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about his weight check since I had a surgery that can compromise my milk supply. I had a really difficult time maintaining a good supply with Zion and she was really slow to gain weight the first few months (but then took off!). He will see the doc and have his next weight check when he turns one month.

We had a very busy weekend and Gideon just went with the flow. Saturday we went to the bicycle safety and fire safety day at our chiropractors office. The kids got plastic fire hats, saw a video on fire safety and got to "escape" a house that was on fire (not really on fire of course). Then they got fitted for new bicycle helmets. Now we just need to get Gabe a new bike and see if Zion will fit his old one.

After that we went to lunch and went dishwasher shopping. We were not impressed with the customer service at Best Buy and left. Gabe got to go to a birthday party for a boy at his church and while he was there we continued our shopping at Home Depot who happened to be running a 10% off sale on Maytags and had two rebates running as well. Their service was much better and we picked out a new dishwasher!!! I've been wanting a new one for a looooong time. Ours is one of those lovely washers that you have to wash the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher or they don't come clean. Hmmmm. Lovely. But not so anymore once our new washer is delivered on Thursday!

Then Sunday we all went to church for the first time as a whole family since BEFORE Gideon was born. I did not go the couple weeks before his birth because I was tired both physically and of people asking me why I was still pregnant (like I have any control). As it turns out the last Sunday I skipped I was actually in early labor at the time anyway. Gideon sat through worship and then once the message started decided he was hungry so I spent the rest of service in the nursery with him. That's how it's been with all three of them so far.

After church we drove up to have lunch with my family for Mother's Day. It's an hour drive and Gideon did quite well. A couple of times he cried (screamed really) but calmed down again and fell back asleep. Not bad for his first long rides in the car. He slept through lunch at the restaurant and mostly through shopping afterward. The town where we had lunch has a TJ Maxx and we don't so we stopped in to look at clothes for the kids. Found some really cute outfits for each of them, especially a couple pretty outfits for Zion who seems to grow out of her clothes the fastest. I can't believe we're in for a change of the seasons again!

After lunch we headed for home but stopped at a Circuit City outlet store where Rob picked out a new TV for us. We've had two small TVs since we married, the one that he brought in and the one that I brought in to the marriage. They worked well for the apartment we had at first but have been too small for our house since we moved here. So now we have a much more appropriately sized screen for our viewing pleasure and we got a great deal to boot! All in all a great day - we saved money on a dishwasher, a TV and clothes for the kids and got to see how well Gideon handled a busy weekend.

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