Thursday, May 29, 2008

The One-Month Check!

This is the bare bones post (see below for the TMI post - if you dare). Gideon had his one-month check-up today (actually yesterday since I forgot to publish this post when I wrote it). First and foremost he got a clean bill of health, he is doing great! Second, he has gained a pound since his last check up three weeks ago and is now at 10lb 12oz. Not too shabby since his lowest weight (that we know of) was 9lb 5oz and that was on May 2nd, the Friday after he was born. So while it's not a great deal over his birth weight it's a good gain over his lowest weight.

The reason that I put off publishing this post was because I wanted to include a photo and needed to get them off my camera. Hmph. Still hasn't happened. I hope to get some time for posting more photos and things tomorrow. The last couple days have just been a little crazy.

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