Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gideon's Goings On

I looked at his hands today and couldn't believe how much they had changed in two short weeks. It's not even something I can really define. Sure they are filled out a little more but they just look so different. Adorable. I do think he may be a thumb sucker someday though. He has an intense need to suck on something just about 24/7 and is often trying to work his hands into his mouth. Oh boy! (By the way, "Oh, boy!" is one of Zion's current favorite exclamations. It's almost unbearably cute.)
Gideon has had some really good long awake times. He's becoming more and more content to just hang out and look at stuff (VERY much like Gabe was at that age) and he's starting to "chatter" and coo. Tonight we attended the awards ceremony for Gabe's AWANA's group and Gideon nursed for a little while at the start but after that he just sat on my lap looking, listening and cooing away. Then a bunch of the ladies in the church played "pass the baby" with him and he stared at them for a while. Many of them commented on how alert he was for his age. After we got home he stayed awake for a couple more hours. It's really almost hard to believe he can stay awake for that long at only two weeks and two days old.

Earlier today Gabe and Gideon had a little guy time on the loveseat. Gabe curled up under my favorite blanky and Gideon lay in his "hammock" (it's where the fabric on the footrest makes a perfect little bed for him - though the cats would argue it still belongs to them). Too precious.
This picture was taken on his two-week "birthday" but I only got it downloaded today. Somehow I managed to catch him in a little smile. He really is quite a good baby.

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Emily said...

Congradulations on the birth of your new little one!!!! He's precious, I can't believe you caught a smile at two weeks!!! =)