Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Way Too Personal Post

This is where I go into details which may be more than people want to know so I'll say that now and you can just skip the post - or keep reading. Your choice.

So, in 2004 (when Gabriel was ten-months old) I had a breast reduction surgery. That poses a problem when it comes to breastfeeding. That in turn can cause problems with weight gain for the baby. That may be where we're at with Gideon. It's really hard to tell at this point if I have a full supply or not. It appears that I do but Gideon could be one of those babies who is content even when hungry. Granted, I nurse him ALL the time. I let him nurse as often and for as long as he wants (so long as I can still care for Gabe and Zion) which can be as often as every hour. I am also taking an herbal suppliment called Fenugreek and know that it is helping to boost my supply a bit. The doctor today urged me to begin formula supplimentation because she feels that he is not gaining weight fast enough. Just so you know, I don't have anything against formula. Rob and I chose to give Gabe formula at times because sometimes it was easier than breastfeeding (particularly because nursing before my surgery was difficult and uncomfortable) and we gave Zion formula because I definitely did not have enough supply with her (she was a terrible nurser AND women typically have increased supply with each child they nurse after having the surgery). That said, I would like to put off giving formula for as long as possible especially since starting formula supplementation can make it harder to increase my supply (because baby is getting nourishment when NOT nursing). There are at breast supplementation systems (i.e. the baby would receive formula through a tube while nursing from me) that you can get but I don't feel that those are a viable solution for me for a number of reasons.

So, long story short (or short story long). Gideon may be getting enough and is just not meant to be a chubby, chubby baby or he is not getting enough and we'll have to supplement with formula. We are in the process of figuring this out. We have another weight check in two weeks to see where he's at.

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