Monday, May 5, 2008

Sugar From Trees

Gabriel was watching Rob work on his laptop at the kitchen table this morning. He loves to watch his Daddy work though I'm certain it would bore most people out of their minds not to mention that you can look at what is on the laptop screen and it's just a mess of gobbledygook to most people. Anyway, a good while back Rob was telling Gabe what his current project at work is which is along the lines of alternative fuels. Today when Gabe looked at Rob's computer screen he turned and asked "Is that about how you make sugar from trees?" and Rob and I both looked at each other in amazement. What an odd tidbit for him to remember but it is exactly part of what Rob is working on and what Rob had told him so long ago.

Today when I picked up Gabe from preschool his teacher told me that Gabe said he always knew that the baby would be a brother because that makes a pattern. Boy, girl, boy. He is so funny, likes things tidy and just so, how like him to want things to fit nicely into a pattern.

I am really enjoying seeing Gabe and Zion enjoying playing together. She is getting old enough and this is happening more and more. She still likes to wreck his train tracks and steal his toys just to get a rise out of him but the times when they play and laugh together are increasing and I can't get enough of it, they are so much fun!

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