Friday, May 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've heard of this and always wondered how it worked, now I know.

Here are the rules: A) The rules of the game must be posted at the beginning B) Each player answers the questions about themselves C) At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 more people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment telling them to read your blog for instructions.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Let's see, that's 1998 right? I was working at Trendwest Resorts (which is now a part of Wyndham blah blah blah - can't remember what it's called) as their Consumer Affairs Rep. I was attending Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, WA and very active in Bible studies, choir and other activities there. I was single. Hadn't even met Rob yet. At that point he was still finishing his college years at Michigan Tech University.

2. What was on my to-do list today? Breastfeed Gideon, breastfeed Gideon and probably breastfeed him some more. Gabe's preschool class had a Mother's Day program today so I got to go to that and it was so cute I was on the verge of tears throughout most of it. At one point each of the children had a yellow carnation and while they sang "You Are My Sunshine" they walked out to their moms and gave them the flower and a kiss. So sweet!

3. What would I do if I suddenly became a billionaire? Pay off all debt, tithe (but not all to my own church, that's too much for one little church), set up college accounts for the kids, set up an account strictly for giving to those in need, maybe pay off the mortgages and/or debts of Rob's and my parents and siblings. Get a small plot of property with some goats, chickens, and a horse or too.

4. 3 bad habits 1) biting my nails 2) watching too much TV 3) being online a LOT!

5. Places I have lived: Sedro Woolley, WA; Everett, WA; Maltby, WA (in 2 different locations); Monroe, WA (in 2 different locations); Kirkland, WA (in 4 different locations); Silverdale, WA; Newport, RI; McCleary, WA; and now Bonney Lake, WA.

6. Places I have worked: A Morgan horse farm, a boarding kennel, three different animal hospitals, an Arabian breeding farm, a timeshare company (yeah, which one of things is not like the others!) and now home.

7. 3 things people don't know about me: Hmmm, let's see 1) I've had a crush on John Cusack since I was 12 2) I have a life long dream of riding horses in three-day eventing 3) I'm a total gamer - I love PC games, online games and I have my own Nintendo DS (Rob also has one so he doesn't have to use mine), we also have a Playstation 2, next we'll probably get a Wii.

so I tag: Friends Bobbi Ames, Shari Schock, and Tiffeny Boren.


Mashel said...

Thanks for playing along. Kind of fun, I would have totally bawled my eyes out if my kids had sang and gave me a flower, especially that song, and right after you had a baby... I would have been a wreck!

Crystal said...

Julie, I found your blog through Mashel. Very cool! I love reading updates on people. Come check out mine when you get a chance too. I just started it. Happy Mother's Day!