Monday, May 12, 2008

One Lost, One Gained

Yesterday I so very much wanted to get a picture of all three kids together (still have done that yet) and especially since they were dressed up for Mother's Day. After we got home from all our busy-ness Rob took over with the kids so I could tend to other things. At one point I remembered the picture so I popped back in the living room where Zion was running around half naked and Gideon was on the floor being stripped and stuffed in his jammies. Darn! I was a bit bummed, it seems I'm always remembering too late.

Just before putting them in bed though Rob tried to get them all lined up and shoot a pick of them in their p.j.s at least. I think the picture at least shows their personalities well. Zion is wacky, Gabe doesn't like smiling for the camera and Gideon seems a little overwhelmed by his new siblings. (Please disregard how messy the house looks right now.)

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