Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Grandma

My Grandma passed away last night. She had heart surgery shortly before Gideon was born but I had no idea that she was doing so poorly since then. Apparently, it was her choice that we not be informed of the seriousness of her condition, thus sparing us worry I suppose. I won't go into how I feel about that but if you're reading this, don't ever do that to anyone who cares about you.

My Grandma was young really, and youthful more importantly. The last images I have of her is when we visited last October. I am SO very grateful that we didn't put that trip off. Our last conversation was after her surgery and, though she sounded weak, she was herself. We got to talk about what's going on in life and the new baby and I'm also grateful that she got to hear about her sixth great grandchild and see a picture of him via my blog.
I was home alone with the kids when my uncle called this morning to give me the news. After I called Rob and my brother and my dad and shed many tears Gabe asked if something happened to my Grandma. He is so observant and sensitive. When I told him that my Grandma in Arizona passed away and went to heaven he looked deeply into my eyes and said "I'm sorry, Mama." so sincerely. God knew what I needed when He gave me Gabe first, he is a salve to my soul when I need it the most.


Crystal said...

I'm so sorry Julie. I just lost my grandma in March and it's not easy. I'll be praying for your family.

Jordan said...

Hey Julie,

I'm sorry that I didn't talk much when you called me, I wasn't really sure what to say.
So here is how I feel.

Grandma was awesome.
She was kind, very thoughtful and funny, and she would always make me laugh.
Though the rest my family may not realize that Grandma and I had been staying in close contact with eachother, we became closer than ever in the last year or so.
We would talk for an hour or more sometimes. Always informative.
She was there to talk to; even about personal things that were going on in my life. She gave me words of wisdom and lifted my spirits when I was down. A few a of the things she told me was that I had more whole life ahead of me, I still have time to do what I want, you can make your future whatever you want it to be, don't worry about the small stuff, life moves on, and that you always learn until the day you die.
She told me to stay young and young at heart and that her generation is what was and our generation is what is yet to come. Although it seems as though I know feel older now. There

I love her dearly, and I guess all I have to do is think of fun times that I shared with her. May she fly with the angels and be at our father's side.

I love you Grandma and I will miss you forever.