Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spot the Cat.

Here's my Spot kitty AKA Spot the Cat, Spot the Brat, Spotzilla and Spoticus. She hasn't been highlighted on the blog yet poor thing. A long time ago it was just me and Spot, two single gals sharing an apartment. Then this guy came along and we all got to take a long, long drive cross-country. Spot had a bed of her own in the back of the Explorer where she'd sack out for the long haul. Sometimes all we would see of her was her legs sticking up out of the bed. The only thing she didn't like was going under overpasses. Shortly after that an obnoxious puppy joined the family. She quit eating for days and pouted in the basement. Not too long after she recovered my belly started to grow significantly. But before that came to fruition a little grey kitten named Ben came to live with us much to her annoyance. Then Gabe came finally and the trek back across the country. Then Maisy our polydactyl tabby cat found us one day. Then Zion and now Gideon. Oh how our family has changed. Not just just us gals anymore and Spot turns 12 about this month or next. Don't tell her that I've revealed her true age (she'll probably puke on my pillow out of revenge). Not that it matters how old she is, as proven by the picture she can still make it up on our 6 foot fence without a problem and she behaves like a kitten.

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J said...

Mark and I miss playing games with you and Rob and visiting with Gabe (at the time) and your menagerie. Nice to see Spot made it on the blog. Spooki is our resident four-legged friend, a black cat.
Juanita Scott