Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Pigtails.

Aww, isn't she cute! It was like wrangling a wild Mustang trying to get her hair done but in the end she's adorable (I think so anyway). We'll have to work on the whole sitting still for doing the hair thing. I should have known that I would have problems since I can hardly get clothes on her but I had high (foolish but high) hopes.

I've stopped trying to track her words, there's just too many. She talks up a storm and repeats a lot of what she hears and I just can't keep up. I have a feeling I'm going to be trying to keep up with her for the rest of my life.

We've had some crazy hot weather here the last few days and it has renewed her desire to constantly be outside. She outlasts Gabe who inevitably comes inside before she does. When we get up in the morning the back door is the first place she goes where she starts begging for "oish" before I can even get breakfast in her. She brings me her shoes and insists on wearing them even if it's over her footed pajamas. We are going to go through a LOT of sunscreen this summer!Daddy's Girl!

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Mashel said...

I love it Julie!! She looks like a real girly girl, and that is my favorite you know. You better watch out, I might try to get a hold of her toenails and paint them too! ha ha, really she looks darling, I didn't realize her hair was that long!