Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some Favorite Moments.

Here we are waiting to head out of the hospital. Yeah, I'm just a wee bit pale and swollen there. Rob picked out Gideon's going home outfit. It's so cute. You can see the whole outfit in the announcement post. I love the tiny khaki pants!
Gideon got his big brother and sister a gift when he came home from the hospital. Zion got a baby doll with bottle and a stroller. She LOVES it! Hardly a moment has passed since she got it yesterday that she wasn't wheeling her baby around the house.
Zion is checking out Gideon's different features. Yep, he has ears and a nose and lips. She is so very gentle with him.
Gideon got Gabriel a two pack of Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder videos, he was very excited. What a cool little brother he has!
Here is Gideon taking a little snooze on my lap after coming home. He's our first baby who doesn't mind not being swaddled. So precious!


Mashel said...

wow Julie, you look REALLY pale, I am sure you know that, but as a nurse, I was just wondering what your HCT was? Did you actually hemorrahge? I am so sorry that must be tough to get your energy back. He is a gorgous baby! He doesn't really look much like either of the other ones though! How funny.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you and Gideon are home. Hope Rob can take time off from work to help you. Gideon is one styling, young fellow. Juanita and Mark Scott

A. Jannelle said...

He is adorable. You look beautiful in your pictures. I love your hair!