Monday, May 12, 2008

Buckel Up For Safety!

Buckling up seems to be the theme of the last week or so around here thanks to Zion's new obsession. She is learning how to buckle and therefore, everything much be buckled! After we get her down from her highchair she immediately turns around and buckles the straps again. She also helps us to buckle her carseat straps when we're going somewhere. I wouldn't mind so much if it stopped there but now that we have Gideon in the house she insists on buckling all of his seats as well - when he's not in them. So that means every time you go to put Gideon into one of his seats you have to stop and unbuckle it first. Not so easy sometimes when you are balancing a newborn in your arms.

Today is our first day with Rob back at work after Gideon was born. Zion has been so Daddy-crazed lately I wasn't sure how things would go this morning but they went surprisingly well. She asked for Daddy and I told her he was at work. Whether or not she understands that I don't know but she didn't get upset and we moved on to breakfast. After Gabe and Zion ate I nursed Gideon and Zion climbed up onto the couch with me. Luckily our loveseat has a foot rest which buys us some more space so she sat on the foot rest with her back leaning against the pillow I use for nursing and looked at a photo album. She was picking out pictures of her Daddy of course.

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