Monday, May 19, 2008

Three Weeks Old Today

What a looker! I have no idea what his weight and length are these days. His next check up is at the end of next week so I just have to be patient.

I am amazed at how red his hair looks in this picture. I've noticed that happens when the camera's flash is used. It makes me wonder if his hair will change color later. Right now it is pretty brown looking.

Yes, his shirt says "potty like a rockstar". I love it! My sister picked it up for him when she was in Las Vegas recently (for a conference, I don't want to make it sound like she's got a gambling vice or something). I should have had one of these when Zion was a baby, she was such a diva. This little one though is a tad more mellow, a lot like Gabe was at that age. He's a good eater and sleeps well at night, also like his brother (and SO not like his sister). I don't compare like I'm saying "why can't you be

more like you're sibling?" but only because it sure is fun to see
the differences and similarities
between the three.

Speaking of the three, I finally got a picture of all three of them together. I've been trying for a while now but it seems like every time one or two of the three would have a sudden meltdown.

But here, finally, a picture with all three of them fairly happy and even dressed nicely. It's too bad that Zion's pigtails didn't make it this far into the day. She's also teething somethin' fierce so she nearly always has her hands in her mouth. Poor thing.

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Dr. Alta said...

Rob and Julie, I just love your family! The pictures are awesome! I am very thankful that I have gotten to know you all, and watch your family grow and change. Your friend... Alta