Monday, May 5, 2008

Gideon Is One Week Old Today!

This morning he woke up to eat and Rob took him to change his diaper while I got settled in the glider (yep, my hubby rocks!) and then Rob started singing Happy Birthday to him. I looked up at the clock and sure enough it was 2AM, right when Gideon had been born one week earlier. Wow! How time flies! He is a fairly content baby unless he needs to eat. Rob says he will be a drag racer because he can go from zero to top speed (crying that is) in less than 2 seconds. There is absolutely no soothing him when it's time to eat except his meal. His alert times are getting more fun too. He really likes to look at new things and his reactions can be quite entertaining. Well, there's not much to say about a boy who just one week old so here are some new pictures.

My sister, Jamie (AKA "Tantie") came to visit with a friend, Abby, on Thursday. I honestly can't believe that I got a picture with all of them looking at the camera. Thank you God for small gifts!
This is my friend, Lawanna, who I have mentioned was diagnosed with cancer. We got to pop in for a visit with her on Thursday and Gideon fell in love with her right away. I'm so grateful that they got to meet, it is a real answer to my prayers.
Gideon did not seem to appreciate his first bath. Poor fellow. It didn't take too long after this was taken however that he was all snuggled up with his Daddy and was totally content again.
Peace, man, peace!
Hanging out on his baby gym this morning to celebrate one week of life. What a party animal!


Kristen said...

Hi Julie! I found your site through BBC Oct'06 babies. I just wanted to say your baby is so cute!

I noticed BFAR in your links section. I too had BR surgery in '97 and went on to nurse my Oct. '06 DD, although it was a struggle.

Anyway, blessings to you and your family!

Mashel said...

Very cute pictures Julie,
anyways, You'e been tagged, go to my blog for details.