Monday, May 5, 2008

No! Mine! Bleh!

These are a few of Zion's favorite words. She came down with a bad cold in the last few days so her "No!" is particularly whiny, has become a two syllable word and I've notice that she'll say "no" even when you know she doesn't mean it. Oh the joy of toddlers and their control trips.

"Mine!" can be heard at any given moment even when the object isn't hers and she hasn't paid any attention to it all day. Too funny. Maybe not.

"Bleh" is a fun word and I'm not really sure where she picked it up. One day a couple of weeks ago I was sitting on the couch and she came up and said "bleh" with a funny look on her face. I asked her what it was and she pointed and said "bleh" again. I went to see and she showed me a pile of cat puke. Yummy. Oh so yummy. Or should I say "Bleh!". She uses it profusely and proficiently. You can be sure that if she says "bleh" that there is sure to be something messy somewhere. I also caught her cleaning the other day. She wiped down the coffee table with a paper towel and then brought it back to my end table. Hmm. I'm not exactly sure where she's seen cleaning happen either. Certainly not here with a newborn in the house - ha ha.

She is still just fabulous with little Gideon. She cries "oooo, baby!" all the time, caresses his head, kisses him, and helps me to pat his back when he needs to be burped. No signs of jealousy that he spends so much time on my lap and only one time when Rob was holding him. Such a sweet girl.

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