Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy, Busy

I have a back log of posts that I want to write and while I haven't gotten to them yet I have finished the mystery project (see photos below) for one special little girl.

I have also prepared one six-year old for his first day of school tomorrow. *sniff* Don't get me wrong. I am SO excited about Fall and school starting but the first few days of him being gone are so hard. For one, I miss him. Two, he's so darn helpful, just like his daddy, that his absence is way too noticeable.

I have cuddled and snuggled with my youngest-no-more. Gideon has been extra cuddly and snuggly lately and I can't get enough of him. He's practically edible and if you know me you know I have NO will power when it comes to nummy goodness.

I have nursed and changed and bottle fed and kissed and cooed at this little mister who is now a whopping two months old. His eyes are always that big and bright and the comment we hear the most, besides that he looks so much like his siblings, is "Wow, he's alert!" Yep, we've got another bright one, he studies everything. He is, as I prayed for, a very peaceful baby. (Unless of course his tummy is empty. ha ha)

Here it is, the "mystery project". I thought I might do a contest to whoever guessed what it was going to be but, yeah, yeah, I was BUSY. It is a good idea for the future though. I'll try to do something like that soon.

Apparently she really likes it. I had doubts that she would wear it as she is finicky to say the least when it comes to clothes and especially clothes that I made but she has worn it many times since I finished it and I don't even have to bribe or threaten.

She helped pick out the button herself. Must try to get a close up of the button, it's really cute. Sure, a picture. As soon as I'm less busy *snort*.

Off to bed. I have to get up early to get Gabe off to school. Eeeee! :)

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Marfa said...

What a lovely sweater...you are amazing. I'm glad Zion loves it...she looks beautiful in it...goes so nicely with her hair.