Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Goings On

Lots of things going on here. I'm sure that's the last thing you would have guessed, us being a family of 6 and all, I'm sure you expected things to be church quiet around here. Rob has taken Elias upstairs to try to get him to sleep so I'm taking the opportunity to download some pictures that I will now share with you. Don't you feel lucky? :)

First we've got a smiley baby. He's such a sweetie. Nursing a lot better, still has an odd moment or two where it takes him a moment to figure it all out but in general, SO much better. He is still getting a lot of formula supplementation though (and with a hypoallergenic formula that is naturally stinkin' expensive) and I'm trying to work toward lowering that amount.

We also have some smiley fries. Fries! Or as Gideon says "Pies!" *snicker* He cracks me up. He gets so passionate about certain things and this is demonstrated by sheer volume. Oh how he gets excited about his pies, er... I mean fries.

We have a new project on the needles. Actually a few but this is the one that I'm most excited about. I've cast on 59 stitches here can you guess what it will become? *grin*

Yesterday we had an activity with Moms Club at a local park. Besides my playgroup this was one of the first activities that we've had a chance to participate in like this. It was a dinosaur themed play day. Gabe and Zion won cupcakes in the cake walk, they all colored and made dinosaur crafts and joined in when it came time to play with the parachute and what kid doesn't love the parachute?

There was also bubbles. This was Gideon's absolute favorite part and I kept losing him briefly only to find him back at the bubbles. He may have been part of the reason why so much of the bubble solution ended up on the ground, my apologies to the play day hosts. If you didn't have like 6 gallon sized jugs of bubbles I might feel like I need to buy you more. Still, for all the time Gideon spent with the bubbles I'm not sure how I didn't get a picture of him

And because it was a dinosaur day Elias had to don his dino shirt. I would have had the others do the same but Elias is the only one who actually had a dinosaur shirt. We don't really do dinos around here much. Thomas the Train, Lightning McQueen and Mario, yes, dinosaurs - not so much.

Yes, it's July here and my kids are wearing winter coats at the park. What can I say? It's Washington and we're having a crummy summer. Truth be told I thought it was kind of a relief. I didn't have to worry about keeping sunscreen on the kids or keeping Elias in the shade and at least it wasn't raining. :) We really only have a few weeks left before school starts and this one is a big first grader. I am feeling the whoosh of time flying by and I don't like it one bit. He still fits on my lap though mostly even if he can read me the story instead of the other way around.

Zion has a new favorite dress and I can't tell you how thrilled and relieved I am. It's one thing to buy her an outfit and have her hate it but a whole 'nother thing when you spend hours working on something only to have her reject it entirely (like the poncho she swore she wanted and won't wear). But this outfit was NOT voted off the island, she wore it two days in a row and put it on again today but I told her I probably outta wash it before she wears it again. All in all, I like the pattern. Now that I've made it I would made an adjustment or two (the straps are too flimsy and too long) but I have no complaints about the yarn. It's cashmerino, a cashmere and wool blend that is SO super duper soft! Like OH. MY. WORD. Soft. Yummy.

And she and I got to go out and pick out some buttons for it and she is in love with the butterflies. Therefore, the dress is now "The Butterfly Dress".

How cute is that face? Like OH. MY. WORD. Cute. I love this girl of mine, ain't no doubt.

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Marfa said...

What a beautiful dress you knit for Zion!!! Where did you get the cashmerino? So, I'm guessing that maybe the pink item is another dress? Starting from the top, near where the buttons are?