Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bad Hair Day

Everybody has 'em. Unless, of course, you don't have any hair. And even then, depending on your outlook, that could mean that EVERY day is a bad hair day. Bad because you don't have any hair ya know?

But nothin' makes a bad hair day worse than having it immortalized FOREVER in photographs. hee hee hee

Zion hates to have her hair combed. She hates even more to have it put in bands. She doesn't care that it will stay out of her face that way or that it will look cute. She just hates it. But she loves playing in the sink. She loves "washing" dishes. And the other day apparently she used her wet hands to brush her hair out of her face. A lot. And this cute do was the result.

So, OK, the top and back looks a little wonky but it actually made the sides look fuller. She almost looks like she has thicker hair for once. Might have to try to recreate this sometime.

And keep encouraging her to wash those dishes!

1 comment:

Forest Wife said...

She really did a number that time - didn't she! :)
She's still beautiful no matter what she does to her hair.