Friday, August 13, 2010


Today was lovely. It started bright and clear and warm. None of that early morning fog we so often have that doesn't clear until after lunch. Yes, even in the summer. Especially in the summer. Rob got to leave work early for the day to go golf at a work sponsored event. So often when Daddy comes late that just makes the day crawl, you know? But not today. The day sped by almost too fast even. The kids didn't even get dressed until near dinner time as we spent the day enjoying activities indoors. (Zion and Gabe built a fort and were even able to convince Gideon not to destroy it.) Zion dressed first but only because she'd dug into the dress up box and wanted to wear one of her princess dresses. Later we ran out to Target and I let her wear it. Twice in the last week I've let her wear her dress up clothes out to run an errand. And why not? She enjoys it and I love watching her step out not thinking for a moment that she might be considered a bit odd for her choice in clothes and we get lots of smiles from the people we meet. Well, we usually do anyway, when I go out with all four kids. Very frequently we get the "Boy, you sure have your hands full." to which I respond "Better full than empty." And sometimes we get people telling us how many they had. Last night I had a lovely conversation with an older couple who had nine children and now have 22 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. What a huge blessing! I also heard two words out of Zion's mouth that I've never heard before. "I'm tired." I believe I said "What?!" and she said it again. My ears did not deceive. I told her that was good because it was bedtime and she agreed that it was good and made a dash for the stairs. Bedtime has long passed and she went along willingly. I'm near certain she had an ulterior motive for wanting to go to bed but I've yet to discover it. Well, that's my ramblings and I'd best be off to bed. Elias has already been put down and who knows when he'll wake up.

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The Schueler Family said...

I am stealing your saying, "better full than empty". I'm already getting the "she's crazy" glances at my belly when I have 3 in tow. Sure would take the noise, hugs and kisses over just having a dog!