Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We had the vet take a look at Ben. We just couldn't deal with not knowing what happened to him. As it turns out Ben had a urinary blockage that caused him to become toxic and his bladder to rupture. I'm a wreck. I feel terrible that we were gone when he needed us. I feel guilty for not noticing any signs of sickness even though, in looking back, there were none, and for not being available when he needed me. I miss him something fierce. His happy face around the house, sitting in the window on the milk box especially and at night in our bed and I keep expecting to see him and go through the motions of his still being around like making sure my bedroom door is open during the day in case he's sleeping on the bed and needs to get out. It sucks.

Saturday I received an e-mail from the Catster website, a happy birthday message for Ben since we'd guessed he was born in August sometime. Ben was 7. This is his page if you want to read about him.

Here are a few photos I "stole" back from Catster and Dogster of Ben. He was such a big love.
Ben as a kitten. He used to steal Towzer's bed, always laying right in the middle. Sometimes Towzer was brave enough to join him. Often times Ben would pick a "fight" and bite Towzer's cheek until Towzer played with him.

Ben used to squeeze in between the window and screen in the upstairs of our Rhode Island house. Such a character.

Ben and Maisy. Always a lover my Ben.

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