Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Letter

Dear Children,

our vehicle does not have a bathroom. NONE of our vehicles have EVER had a bathroom and aside from the time that I made Gabe pee in an empty Snapple bottle because he waited to tell us he had to go until we were out in the middle of no where our vehicles will likely never have anything close to a toilet. So, pray tell, why do you INSIST on waiting until we are in the car before you tell us you have to go? PLEASE when we are in a building with a perfectly good bathroom, whether it be our house, a restaurant, church, whatever, tell us you need to go then, BEFORE we leave and are getting buckled in to our seats. Things will go much better for you, I guarantee, if you can remember this one small detail.

Love, Your Mother


Forest Wife said...

I hear you!Amen to that!

And then when you are me, at my age, its' the pets who wonder where you disappeared off to when you close the bathroom door. I thought kids were bad.... pets can be worse!

David and Helen said...

At least they do tell you they need to go. Timothy is still more letting us know after or in the middle of the fact.