Thursday, August 5, 2010

"One-Month" Check

So it was a little late, Elias will be 6-weeks old tomorrow, but we got his one-month check up done today. Since his regular pediatrician was out last week when the whole to-do happened with the rash and allergy diagnosis we had a lot to catch up on. I was able to show his doctor pictures of the rash (gotta love those iPhones) and he said he was really impressed with us since Elias' skin is totally clear now.

(Am I the only one that gets a little thrill when a doctor tells me "good job!"?)

Elias is up to 11lb 1oz! It was only a week ago that he was 10lb 3oz so I'm really excited about that. He is nursing better but still getting a lot of formula as well. I also wonder if he's gaining better now that he and I are off dairy. Dairy allergies are notorious for causing growth restriction. It's just a thought.

He is also a whopping 23 inches long! Holy cow! This kid is almost two feet long already! This is mostly notable when we try to put footie pajamas on him. He is growing out of his clothes. I know it's to be expected but it still makes me a little sad. Aw, such cute little PJs and clothes that he'll never wear again. :( *sigh* I guess the fact that he's growing out of the super cute monkey PJs he wore last night is soothed a little that he's moving into the super cute robot "I'm nuts about Mommy" PJs I found at Target tonight. he he he

It was also the last time he is going to fit into the spunky monkey outfit he's wearing in the picture. I just had to take a picture before they went away for good. I'm all sentimental like that.

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