Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sweetest Boy

And you just can't argue with that. He's sweet and kind, helpful and amazing. He's the first person to actually ask me to knit them something and that just makes me love him more. tee hee

We were at JoAnn a few weeks ago for some other yarn and we picked out the yarn together. Red is his favorite color. Since then he hasn't let me forget about his scarf. I was thinking that the weather would get too warm before I would finish it but, go figure, God really wanted him to use his scarf 'cause it snowed yesterday. Gabe and Zion went out to play and sure 'nuff, he got to wear his scarf. Now Zion wants one. Hm. Off to the store for more yarn. Bummer. I just can't handle more yarn - ha!

Speaking off crafts and things, I got my handmade craft from Rachel for the Craft It Forward exchange. I've already used one of these cute personalized cards (which happen to use orange - my favorite color, how did she know?). I've finished two of my three handmade items that I am giving away to the three who signed up on my blog but I'm not going to say what they are or post photos until I've sent them off. Ah, the torture!

We spent a wonderful weekend with my sister. Friday night she and I went to a craft night with Nora and got some Photoshop tutoring. Jamie and I brought our laptops and Nora did the teaching. I learned enough to get me started on Rob's "year you were gone" scrapbook using the calendar pages I have up on the wall but we just scratched the surface. Matthew watched all the kids. All of mine and all three of hers. What a guy! Honestly, I know some husbands who won't even watch their own kids (what's up with that, anyway?) let alone someone else's. Then on Saturday we lounged around my house until later afternoon and then drove up and met the rest of Jamie's family for dinner. After a yummy Mexican meal we went to Jamae's school for her ASL class concert. It was really, really awesome. The music and choreography were great as well as the interpreting and you could really tell that the kids worked very hard on the whole thing. Later, we drove back to our house and spent another leisurely day around the house until Jamie had to go home. The house seems a little empty now.

I also got to speak with Rob today and he is doing well. Crazy busy. He is happy that there is a new crew manning the kitchen so the food situation has improved a great deal. That truly is a happy thing. I don't like to think of him over there being fed mystery meat. Poor guy's skinny enough as it is.

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Marfa said...

That's a precious photo of Gabriel, he looks so sweet, with a sparkle in his eye...and the story about how he asked you to knit him that scarf. So touching. I love moments like that.

How often to you get to talk to Rob? I bet he'll fatten up quickly when he's back home! You'll take good care of him.