Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Goings On

I feel really behind. I'm not spending nearly as much time on my computer. I decided to test my theory that if my laptop wasn't so accessible I might spend more time doing other things. Not just chore type stuff but fun things too like reading and continuing my knitting. Then there's this whole Lent thing going on which I've never done before because it just wasn't part of my upbringing or church traditions in my adulthood. But I like the concept of, not just giving something up but replacing that "thing" with better habits. I didn't give up my laptop but I gave up my laptop's normal location which is always near me on the couch and put it on the bar in the kitchen. My activities I have to admit, have been a lot more rounded since then. Sadly, that also means I'm not blogging as much.

I'm back to working on my first project and it's nearly done. It really doesn't go with this outfit but I wanted a picture of it midway. I'm very pleased that I didn't accidentally stab myself in the eye with the needles when I was putting it on and taking it off. That would have been so like me.

This last week has had it's ups and downs. One week ago tomorrow morning Rob boarded a plane and left. Sad. This time I feel like I'm struggling with loneliness more. Maybe because much of his leave period was spent in ways that weren't planned nor desired, like taking care of sick kids. We kept having to split up. One would stay home so the other could run out and vice versa. It really frustrated me. (I might have written about that already.) Things are starting to smooth out a little. Wouldn't you know it though, Gideon has hit a MAJOR Mama separation anxiety phase and doesn't want anything to do with anybody. Period. He cried for more than two hours in the MOPS nursery then he cried in the Y nursery only their policy is to go get the parent after 20 minutes so I had just gotten in the pool for my aerobics class and made less than one lap and they wanted me to come get him. Arg! This is not good for my sanity! He must miss his Daddy.

I also lost my bestest babysitter because she is having issues at home. Oh yeah, and she lied to me and used me to deceive her parents. Major bummer! Oh and her mom is made at me too and the day that Rob left she called to let me know so that really didn't help feel better about being "single" again. So now I'm feeling all imprisoned and stuff because I don't even have anyone I can call when I need to get out without the kids.

OK, I don't want to turn this into a whine fest. Things have been looking up the last couple of days if for no other reason than we're starting to get back into a groove. Zion is back to her normal antics. She colored herself purple the other day and tried to wash herself off before I found out. The clue? Her desperate squawk of "No! Go 'way!" to Gabe when he entered the bathroom where she was washing. When I took her shirt off to wash it I found that she had colored stripes on her belly and filled in her belly button. Nice. This is why I bought her washable markers for Christmas.

The night before Rob left we had a family movie and game night. First we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and then put Gideon and Zion to bed and stayed up and played Wii with Gabe. Before bedtime I took a bunch of shots of the gang all together. This is the best one. I intentionally didn't try to pose or get everyone to look at the camera. I just sat there and shot away while they did their own thing. Yep. This is pretty much us in real life.

Gabe and his friend Isaac are back to having preschool here once a week now that things are getting back to normal as well. In February we all learned about Italy. And in keeping with my end-of-month plans we had a special meal of foods from that country. We all took turns putting the layers on a lasagna which turned out gorge-yourself good!

We also had salad, breadsticks and bruschetta.

And followed the meal with Spumoni ice cream - yummy yum yum!

This month we are going to learn about Ireland so stay tuned to see what we cook up at the end of the month! Until then just keep checking in of course to see what we're up to and, naturally, I'll try to have pictures.


Joel Perkin said...

That pic of Gideon looking over Rob's shoulder is the best photo ever. Aside from the subjects, the composition and focus are flawless. I'm so glad you guys had some time together, even if it was insane.

Marfa said...

I love the glimpse into your life...and totally understand Lent, using the computer and worldly things less...

Your scarf looks awesome! You look GREAT in greens!

Oh, I'd love to enjoy some lasagna with you...maybe I'll come over when you explore Ireland. ;)

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I think our kids would get along great--Zion & Brielle esp.

I'm glad you didn't poke your eye out too---impressive project