Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh What A Day!

Wishing I could come on and write that I won the lottery or something but not so. Well, I guess I did if it's the vomit lottery or something. THAT I won! Got vomited on three times before lunch and once after. Poor Gideon, he just can't keep anything down. And because he seems dehydrated and we keep having these strange bouts of vomiting, off to the doctor we went. The doc is concerned because Gideon has not only NOT gained weight since his nine month check (more than two months ago) but he has lost weight (ounces, not pounds but still) and because he's not crawling or cruising (which I think is just his personality) and because of these strange puking episodes. He sent us next door to the lab for blood draws but Gideon wasn't hydrated enough so we have to go back tomorrow after hopefully letting his stomach settle and getting some more fluids in him. Then we have to go back two more times spread a week apart each because he is too little to take all the blood they need for the tests at once. He'll have food allergy tests, a CBC and liver enzymes checked. I don't remember what else. The doc also referred us to a GI specialist, a Nutritionist and a Physical Therapist for evaluations and advice. My hope is that the tests just comes back as a sensitivity to dairy and that it's something he'll outgrow.

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