Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Moment - or Two

I reach into the car to unbuckle Zion from Gabe's carseat (a story in itself). She reaches up and puts her hand gently under my chin and turns my face toward hers.

She sweetly says "Wook at me."

"Aw", I'm thinking getting ready for a tender moment between me and my girl.

Then she says just as sweetly "I said no."

Have I mentioned how much she loves pajamas? She will stay in her pjs all day if I let her. She also likes to change them. Many times each day. If I do dress her in the morning then at naptime she wants to get in pjs again. Many tantrums have occured due to my insistence that she needs to wait until bedtime to get in her pjs again. If I leave a laundry basket unattended and if it has pajamas in it then the next thing I know she's putting them on over her clothes or current pjs or even stripping so that she can change. About a week ago she came in to my room at the crack of dawn stark ravin' naked carrying a new diaper and a new pair of pjs and telling me that she needs help. She does. She needs therapy to get over her pajama obsession!

Speaking of obsessions, this girl wants yogurt for every meal of the day. I'll ask the kids "what should we have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?" and her certain response is "Yogurt!" Well, I guess sometimes it's "hmmmm, yogurt?" as if she's never heard of such a thing and isn't she just crazy for thinking of it first. Poor thing's little heart is broken every time I tell her she can't have it for lunch or dinner because she already had it for breakfast.

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Jewelz said...

I WISH Belle had such a obsession with clothes :0)
I have the complete opposite problem, Belle hates clothes.....she's 'stark ravin' naked most of the time and it doesn't matter what I do she strips off at ANY chance she gets!!!{[{rolls eyes}}}
Hope you've had a great week.