Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playing Catch Up Photo Style

A while back I promised photos of some of the knitted gifts that I was making. Here is the pacifier keeper given to my friend Jessica for her little-one-to-come. When Zion was a baby I used to pull the corner of a burp cloth through the ring of her paci. The weight of the cloth kept the bink in place, the cloth was a lot easier to find than the little bink should it fall out of her mouth and it also gave something handy to wipe drool and the like. I think this is a lot cuter. It's actually of my own design based on a pattern for a dish towel that I made. I changed the stitches, shortened it, made it on smaller needles...

And here's the little baby kimono also made for Jessica. The ladies at my MOPS table got together and we all participated in giving her a mini-shower at our last meeting (which I missed due to Gideon's hospitalization - big bummer!). Some of us knitted things, one made a cake, another put all the gifts together. It was a lot of fun! This was the first thing I made that used a "yarn over", had seams and was meant to be worn. Learning something new all the time. I hope she likes it.

Speaking of knitted gifts, after seeing Gabe's scarf Zion said she wanted one too. I knew I wanted pink but also a little something extra and pink with brown is one of my favorites color combos and is totally Zion. I wanted a stitch that showed off my yarn duo. Tried garter - nope. Tried stockinette - also a no-go. Switched to seed stitch which I love and think looks really classy. Yep. That's the one. This picture doesn't give it justice and now the scarf is a lot more progressed so I'll have to post another picture soon. This is going to be a keyhole scarf, short with a slit in it that you pass one end through to secure it in place. It turns out that since seed stitch is a lot less stretchy then others I've worked with (like Gabe's scarf which is ribbed and REALLY stretchy) so I cast on too many stitches and it's too wide for Zion. Bummer. Guess I'll just have to make this one for me and then make her a little one when I'm done. Aw, how cute, a mommy-and-me scarf set. I should go into business.

Prior to all the puke hitting the fan we were all about having some extra fun around the house. On this afternoon I put a few inches of water in the sink and let Zion have at it with some measuring things and a funnel and such.
I was really surprised at how long she spent at the sink playing by herself. Will definitely be using that little trick again in the future!

Also before the sickness: Gideon gets down and dirty with some pasta and meatballs. He loves it! I'm not sure if it's the taste or the mess-ability that he loves so much.

For a while Gideon had such sensitive skin that we had to bathe him separately and use only the mildest of soaps. Even Johnson and Johnson was too harsh. He hasn't had any problems lately though so I've been throwing 'em in the wash together. This night I thought I'd go the extra step and let them have bubbles. What a thrill! And no, Gabe and Zion don't normally wear goggles in the bath just so you know.

Gideon immediately bent over and tried to eat them. He was just a-crackin' up at himself.

And then this. Before we know it his vomiting lands him in the hospital. (Sorry for the poor quality of hospital pics, they were taken with my cell phone.) Poor little guy.
Really not feeling well but at least he's awake and out of his crib.

Jamie brought the kids to visit just about every day and with them came toys and games. Zion made cousin Jamae out of PlayDo complete with arms and "yegs" (legs).

A little sibling time. Luckily his wires and IV had a pretty good reach. After a few days when Gideon started feeling better he would perk up and get excited the second the kids walked in the door to his room. It was really sweet to see how happy he got when his big brother and sis came to see him.
Starting to feel a bit better. Sitting up and playing in bed. Still hooked up to the monitors and IV (that's what the white stocking on his foot is covering) but headed in the right direction.
"Let me out! Let me out! I'm innocent! I swear!"

Back at home and back at the familiar toy basket. He is starting to bottom scoot all over and pull himself up on his knees on everything. It won't be long now before he's up and walking.

Zion does her part to "clean up" the big "mess" at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.
Gideon is just happy to have an egg to chew on while Gabe and Zion do all the work.

Zion is still not feeling very energetic after her bout with the flu.
Funny. There sure does seem to be a lot of one color. I hope no one notices that that isn't an Easter basket but a felt ghost bucket we got for Halloween. Oops, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it then.
The parting shot. How cute is that face?! And these are pretty much my pictures from Easter since PukeFest '09 had an encore performance on the way to my sister's.


Marfa said...

Wonderful photos...although it was a miserable time, I enjoy the hospital photos! It's a part of life...the hard times along with the good times!!!

My Three Sons said...

Carson has very sensitive skin and our allergy doctor recommended Vanicreem. You can pick it up at Walgreens. It cost a little more than regular soap, (like a dollar more), but they also have lotion, shampoo, and sunscreen. They also have a website as well.

I love it and I can tell a difference with his eczema.

All the pictures are wonderful.