Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hang Loose

I don't know why this particular milestone has made me so weepy. I registered Gabe for Kindergarten without even close to shedding a tear, but this? This! Last night I was helping Gabe to brush his teeth. Typically he brushes and then I go over again just to make sure that a good job was done. This time I noticed some white stuff behind one of his front teeth and it wasn't brushing away so I tried to scrape it with the pick end of the flossers we use. Well, lo and behold, it was a new tooth coming in! Sure enough, when I touched the tooth in front of it it wiggled just a little. *gasp* My baby is going to lose his first tooth! What's a mama to do?

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Marfa said...

It'll be okay...both our girls lost their first tooth at age 5, which I thought was TOO early (I thought I was 7). He's going to be SO cute with that new when that tooth does fall out, I hope to see photos!