Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cutest Things Ever

Since certain someones were so sick this week we delayed going to Jamie's house for Easter. We were supposed to leave Friday and spend the weekend. But since we didn't that meant we were home for the annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt. I packed all the kids in the wagon for the short jaunt to the park. When Zion saw the colorful eggs littering the ground she exclaimed "Who made this mess?!" She patiently waited until the appointed time to help "clean up". Gabe had a different area of the park since he was in a different age bracket. I left him to his own but when Zion was done I checked on his progress. His basket was full of red eggs almost exclusively. In the area around him still lay pink, blue, yellow... all untouched. That's my boy!

Still some not-so-cuteness around. Zion has stopped puking - yeah! Gideon has stopped puking - yeah! Gabe started puking - darn it! In the car on the way to my sister's house for Easter no less. She was gracious enough to accept my two no-longer-puking children so Puking Child and I could drive all the way back home. That's a long hour. Me exhausted from cleaning up puke nearly every day for two weeks straight and him because I made him ride the whole way with a plastic bag poised under his chin. I will never pass by that certain exit on the highway without remembering my dash across four lanes (sorry folks, puking kid ya know) and bolt to the nearest gas station parking lot where I stripped Gabe of his now soaked clothes and redressed him (thank God I brought pjs for everyone to change into at Jamie's - 'cause we were staying late, ha!) all without moving him from his carseat (though I did take his straps off - now THAT would have been a neat trick). Gabe sits in the middle which otherwise would have meant I would have had to drag him over a non-puked on child in order to get him out. No way, Jose! And I was always think fondly of the gas station attendant who gave me plastic bags even though I didn't buy anything. I guess the whole "my child just puked all over my car" ruse really worked. Wait. I guess only WISH it had been a ruse. *sigh* Honestly folks, at this point I'm speechless. I don't think all four of us have been healthy for more than a few days out of the last few MONTHS. I .... I .... Nope. Pretty much speechless.


Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

YOu are such a trooper, Julie! Way to go!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

ICk.I hope today was better!

Way to look at the funny side-
(I'm sick though--I guess someone just has to be!)