Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ah, remember this? Back a ways I used to participate in Straight Out Of the Camera Saturdays. Well, life happens and sometimes meme hosts take a break and sometimes participants take a break and well, it's just been a while. And it's not Saturday anymore but oh well. You can participate too and check out the other participants by going here - Slurping Life. And here's my entry:

The hard part was picking a picture. I haven't been behind the camera much lately. But this is one of my faves. (Is it cheating if I've posted this pic before?) Gideon and Rob the night before Rob returned to Afghanistan. I just love how he loves his Daddy even though they've been apart for most of Gideon's life. It reminds me that our time is short before Rob comes home for good and that is a happy thought I need to carry with me all the time.


Rachel said...

Oh my - what beautiful blue peepers! Love that picture!

Sorry for the rough time... the puking flu and mastitis are ROUGH by themselves, but at the same time... ugh!

Hope things are much easier soon - and this springtime weather makes everyone feel better!

Tara R. said...

That is such a sweet photo! Beautiful blue eyes!

Jewelz said...

I love this photo. I think it captures so much more than just those big blue eyes.
My heart goes out to you doing it by yourself with such a young clan. I did it with my older three. It's damn tough.
Just throwing a thought out there...what about 'adopting a grandparent'? Advertise for a 'grandparent'! {{{Screen them, do a thorough background check.}}}
I'm sure there would be someone out there that would love to be surrounded by your precious kids.
Stay Strong

melody is slurping life said...

Julie, you've melted my heart with this image and the story behind.

He is a beautiful baby.

K said...

OMG what a heartmelting picture
Gorgeous child

Sheri said...

What a sweet picture and such a beautiful baby. That picture is a treasure, thank you for sharing it.

Julie said...

What better place than in Daddy's strong arms? This is special!

Thanks for stopping by my place. =)