Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gideon Update

On a happy note, Gideon had his development evaluation and the Physical Therapist confirmed that he's about 2-3 months behind his typical peers in regards to crawling but she also feels that it was due to being sick so long (I KNEW it!) and that he will catch up very quickly on his own. We have a recheck set up in about a month. If he is still not crawling then he will have some therapy to help him out. I don't see that happening as he is very nearly there. Up on his knees, rocking back and forth, reaching for toys on his hands and knees, going from hands and knees to sitting and back again. He does tire easily and the PT did comment on that so I am supposed to help encourage him to stay longer periods on his hands and knees to help build his stamina.

On a sour note, the moronic idiotic just plain stupid (I am trying to be nice) insurance company has rejected the doctor's referral to a nutritionist. Apparently they don't feel that a was-less-than-one-year-old suffering from weight loss and with a newly diagnosed whey protein allergy should see a nutritionist. Well, it's not the first time that TriCare (oops, did I just reveal who I was dealing with here?) has refused to pay for something. In fact, after reading over a pile of EOBs that came in the mail the other day I'm starting to wonder if they pay for much of anything at all. I think they need to rename themselves to FailCare. I've had many insurance companies in my life and TriCare so far ranks as the worst. I won't go into all of what I have been through with them because this is Gideon's update post. Shutting up now. About that anyway.

Gideon has a cold. Or environmental allergies. But his very sniffly nose started in the middle of the night and I don't know how likely that is for allergies. Poor guy's nose was running a marathon today and his eyes were red and puffy. Just what he needs. Last night he kept waking and crying but falling back to sleep before I went to him and it sounds like we're in for that again tonight. He has kept his appetite though and I am excited for his next weight check on the 7th. He looks like he has gained weight and I'm not the only one to notice.

Well, I am yawning fool to stay up so late (again) but at least I got a very important knitting project done (pictures later as usual) and then got to work on a new knitting project that I started today. This new one is a snazzy scarf made from ribbon yarn that will have rows of dropped stitches. This will be more for warmish weather and was inspired by the colors of the yarn that goes from bright blue to maroon to orange to sage which actually sounds kind of yucky in writing. I'll get pics up of that soon too. When I have time (translation: when I next choose to neglect household chores, kids or other projects).

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