Sunday, June 1, 2008

Smile Explosion

I've been meaning to post about Gideon's first smile for days now. It happened at the beginning of last week. He had been sleeping on the futon when I went to go put Zion down for her nap. When I came back down Gabe was sitting on the futon. I said "You're not sitting on your brother are you?" He turned and looked and said, rather sheepishly, "oh". Great. To put your mind at ease, he wasn't actually sitting on him but got pretty close. I looked down at Gideon and asked him if he was sleeping, his gaze met mine and his face just lit up in a huge grin! Throughout the next couple of days I noticed that he kept trying to repeat it. We would sit and look at each other and you could see the muscles around his mouth trying to form the right shape (he is very good at imitating an "o" shape) while he watches you.

The other night I was sitting doing this with him when Rob joined us. I asked Gideon "Are you going to show daddy how you smile?" and at that moment his whole face erupted in a smile explosion like fireworks on the horizon. The biggest smile ever and it was quickly followed up by what appeared to be his very first laugh as well. He threw his head back and nearly cackled in amusement. Rob and I cracked up in disbelief and the joy of the moment.

Since then we have been enjoying smile after smile. Now we just need to get a picture.

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