Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About A Boy

Sometimes I feel like Gabe gets the short end of the stick sometimes when it comes to mention on the blog. I know this isn't true since if look at the labels list his number is pretty big, but it can feel that way. Especially when I intend to include a picture and blurb about him in a post and forget. So this post is all about Gabe.
Gabe and I took a moment yesterday to play Curious George Uno while Zion napped. It is difficult to play any game with her awake because she's a little thief and steals the pieces. Today though we played Chutes and Ladders on the swing outside and though she stole one of the markers for her own she pretty much let us play two games without completely upsetting the game board.
Continuing on the game theme, her he is with bedhead playing Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo DS. He's gotten quite good at playing and is allowed twenty minute increments to play. (Except I often forget to check the clock and he gets more - what else is summer for?)
Tonight was GeoTrax time while my sister visited (his favorite person). I was sitting at the opposite end of the train table, viewing him through "Grand Central Station". GeoTrax are cool because you can play using the remote or push them manually. The new trains have reverse as well and they offer some less expensive ones that don't have a remote at all.
Old Rust is in the station!
This isn't a new picture but it's one of my favorites of Gabe and his trains. With him, it's all about the trains.

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