Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun Stuff

Just another one of those mostly picture posts. A picture says a thousand words, right, so why do all that typing?
I was passing through the kitchen the other day and these bears went "pssst, take our picture". Honestly, they did. My Uncle Mark carved these bears and gave them to my kids when we visited last October. They are so cool! When you stand them on their noses they do a somersault and land on their feet again. Zion can't get enough of them.
Cutie patootie! Pigtails take two. This time she didn't fight them. I let her splash in the bathroom sink while I put them in. This dress is a 2T and it's nearly too small so I just had to take a picture.
OK, dismiss the messy room. We have been looking around at bunkbeds for a while knowing that Gabe and Gideon will likely share a room someday, that Gabe was needing a bigger and Zion will need to transition from her crib also. The other day we stumbled upon a really nice one on sale and nabbed it. So this is the bed that Rob spent Father's Day evening putting together with the kids. The top bunk can be added later or used as a separate twin. Now we just need to rearrange furniture and put his room back together again.
How is it that a 7-week old can look like such a little boy? How could he change so much already?
Busy little girl. She loves the out of doors! She likes to be outside so much more than Gabe - or me but I don't like for her to be out there alone. I've toyed with the idea of bribing Gabe to play outside with her on more than one occasion. So far I have been able to fight the urge though and it's a good thing, I probably couldn't afford his rates anyway.

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