Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun and Pancakes

Friday I got brave and decided to see if I could cut Gabe's hair while Gideon was being happy on his play mat. Despite Gabe's insistence that you can't cut hair outside I made him sit on one of the kitchen stools on our patio and started in on his overgrown mop. Of course, Gideon didn't stay happy and started to cry before I finished even when I moved him to the swing outside. Then Zion started flipping out over bugs outside and then fell on the patio (didn't even get a scratch) so whilst I am snipping away as fast as I can two of my three kiddos are screaming for me. I'm a bit surprised the neighbors didn't call the police for all the noise. Well, I must cut well under pressure because his hair turned out fairly well. I told him that since he sat so well he could pick what we had for lunch fully expecting him to choose peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like he always does. This day he surprised me and picked chocolate chip pancakes. Well you should never say they can pick if you're not prepared to follow through so I made chocolate chips pancakes for lunch. I can't say that I didn't enjoy them myself.

Today we surprised Gabe with a trip to Toys 'R Us for a special Thomas the Tank Engine event that they had today. He got to color and play with trains (yeah, like he doesn't get to do that otherwise) and picked up some new tracks for his GeoTrax set - elevated ones! He wore his new Thomas shirt that Jamie brought on Wednesday that has a button you push sewn inside that makes train noises.

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