Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

...to us! Yesterday was Rob and my sixth anniversary. Wow, we have crammed a lot into six years! Two cross country moves, four different homes (many lengthy hotel stays while houseswapping), three kids, two cats (in addition to the one we started with) and a dog. Not to mention, two goats at one point as well as many different jobs for both of us. I don't think anyone could argue differently, we are SO WELL BLESSED! What an amazing journey. It is incredible to look back and see God at work in our lives and our marriage and how everything has worked out better than we could have planned. Isn't that always the way though? Let God take the lead and you end up in a more amazing place than you could have ever imagined. This is why Ephesians 3:20 is one of my favorite verses, I pray it A LOT!

So yesterday Rob worked but got home a little early and took over with the kids for me so I could get ready. Get ready for what? I'm so glad you asked. Our good friends Nora and Matthew were kind enough to watch the kids (all three!) so that Rob and I could go out to dinner. We went to The Melting Pot. If anyone has been there before I don't think I need to say anything more. For those of you who haven't - why not?! It was utterly amazing! The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant for starters and who doesn't like fondue? But that isn't all. We started with the most amazing cheese fondue that the server prepared at the table. I don't like cheese. I have learned to enjoy it sometimes, like I finally don't scrape it off my pizza like I did as a kid, but it is certainly not my favorite. Let's just say, however, if I could have cheese like that I'd have it five times a day! Then a fantabulous salad. That's probably not even a word but I don't care, it works here. Next we received a platter full of different meats from chicken to lobster, pork to filet mignon which we fondued, dude, in a flavorful broth. Last, milk chocolate with Bailey's mixed in provided a yummy covering for bits of banana, strawberries, pound cake, cheesecake, marshmellows (my favorite!), and brownie. I joked about licking my plate clean but I was actually serious on the inside. I should've done it! So thus concludes our anniversary celebration. Nothing too outrageous but perfect. And the kids were good for the babysitters - bonus!

For our wedding someone gave us an "anniversary" book which encourages you to place a photo and write some memories of the year past as well as where you live and significant events. It's a neat little thing and it helps me to make sure that I get a picture of us on this day. So here we are before heading off to dinner.

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